Frank Fritz Termination: Will ‘American Pickers’ Be Cancelled?

Frank Fritz Termination: Will American Pickers Be Cancelled? [Credit; YouTube]

American Pickers Season 23 ratings have plummeted. It’s no longer the hottest show on the History Channel. On Saturday, January 1, the new season made its debut to lukewarm ratings. However, viewership has been on a steady decline in the following weeks. Is the show at risk of being canceled?

In fact, the ratings dropped to under 1 million viewers for the first time since the network fired former host Frank Fritz. They replaced him with Mike Wolfe’s brother, Robbie Wolf. Fans haven’t warmed up to him. They think he’s too “boring” and refusing to watch the rest of the season.

Ratings plummeted to under 1 million for the first time

Meanwhile, the ratings continue to decline. Fan-favorite Frank Fritz is no longer the host of the show. Season 23 of American Pickers moved on without him and fans aren’t happy. They’re not here to watch the Wolfe brothers. They just want Frank back before it’s too late for the show.

The show now features Mike Wolfe with his younger brother and Danielle Colby. It’s the first time in years that the show plummeted to under 1 million viewers since Frank Fritz’s firing. In July 2021, the History Channel announced that they were getting rid of the longtime host. The network unveiled the new host on its official website and social media accounts.

American Pickers- Frank Fritz- facebook
American Pickers- Frank Fritz- facebook

The new season has seen a sharp decrease in ratings compared to the previous seasons. It’s clear that Frank Fritz was the reason why fans tuned into the show. Yet, the network thinks that Mike Wolfe is the face of the show. On Friday, January 21, The Sun reported that the latest episode dropped to under 1 million viewers, which doesn’t look good for Saturday’s upcoming episode and the future of the show.

The Saturday, January 15 episode only attracted 859,000 viewers. This comes after fans call for a boycott of the reality series. They called for the network to bring Frank back. This drop is a stark contrast to the Saturday, January 8 episode, where 1,011,000 fans tuned in.

Meanwhile, the Season 23 premiere of American Pickers had 1,050,000 viewers. The Season 22 premiere on January 25, 2021, attracted 1,273,000 fans. The mid-Season 22 ratings were also much higher. Episodes that featured the fan-favorite also boasted higher ratings, including the March 2, 2020 episode, which had 1,282,000 viewers.

American Pickers fans don’t like Robbie Wolfe

American Pickers fans made their opinions clear. They took to social media to share their thoughts about the new host, Robbie Wolfe. Most of them claim that he’s too “boring” for the show. The History Channel replaced Frank Fritz with Mike’s brother in the cast photos on the website prior to the Season 23 premiere.

Fans agree that Robbie is not the right fit. Frank last appeared on American Pickers during a March 2020 episode. Around that time, he was recovering from grueling back surgery. He expressed an interest to return to the show, but the network fired him without reason.

Frank Fritz Instagram
Frank Fritz Instagram

The former American Pickers host focused on promoting positivity. During his time off, Frank lost 65 pounds and has been sober from alcohol. He turned his life around. Frank attends meetings “twice a week” after his rehab stint. He also opened up about his feud with his former co-star Mike.

In an interview with The Sun, Frank suggested that the show propped up Mike. He didn’t understand why they saw him as the “frontman.” Fans don’t get it either. Frank is enjoying his new life and is focusing on his Illinois-based store, Frank Fritz Finds.

Meanwhile, fans are calling for the network to bring him back. What are your thoughts on Frank Fritz’s replacement? Do you like Season 23 of American Pickers? Do you think it’ll get canceled? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. American Pickers.. I could care less who’s on the show. We use to have a better version of this show to watch.. it was called Sanford and Son. If you want to air it at 2am that’s fine…I’m asleep by then.

    1. I liked both Mike & Frank. They picked well togeather as they were both interested in different things. Robbie seems to be, just a Mike tag along.
      I miss Frank, and so does my wife, just not as interesting & fun to watch now. WIsh they could patch things up and get Frank back.

    1. I too no longer watch pickers. There must be more to this than we’re told. I liked Frank, but if Mike ignored him when he was I’ll then he has to live with his conscience. It appears Mike has got a new girlfriend! I thought he was married. How success can change a person.

    2. I will not watch American pickers until or unless Frank Fritz is brought back. Personally I think he should be backed by a network and start his own show. Think about that networks. Frank made American Pickers. Some people ( Mike Wolfe) is too narrow minded to see this

  2. Never liked Fritz, he was always cheap, in my opinion. That guy they replaced him with (Mr. Ponytail) was worse. Don’t know why the fan liked Frank so much, but Mike always seemed more knowledgeable and fairer in what he wanted to pay. I just wish they had less motorcycles/cars in their episodes. You almost never see sports/entertainment memorabilia. I still watch, but am not a faithful viewer. Like Antiques Roadshow on PBS better.

    1. I’m No TV Producer, But I can tell you this I’ve been watching American Pickers Since Day One and with out Frankie my Boy that Show sucks. The so called big Shots that make these Stupid Choices should be let go… stay strong Frankie, Mike Wolf and his sidekick Colby just got to greedy fat headed like there S@%& Don’t Stink stay well and Move forward

    2. The show will be canceled in 2 maybe 3 years. You clowns that like Mike better enjoy while you can. Robbie is boring as hell and couple with mike they’ll run it right into the ground.

      1. It won’t last that long, if Frank had some personal issues, shame on the network for not letting him get them worked out and come back…

    3. My husband and I loved American pickers but we have missed Frank fritz think they need to sort there differences as friendship is worth so much more they have been friends from school a long time true friendship doesn’t happen very offend we all have lots of friends but how many would stand by you life to short guys

  3. Love the show, I do miss Franks insights on old items. The message is clear bring Frank back or cancel the show.
    I will love to see the network and all associated squirm, that’s if they want to keep the cash flowing.

  4. It’s a shame Frank got the boot! Frank & Mike made a good team, being “friends” for many years prior to the History Chanel stint they had good “chemistry”! The show has run it’s course, they’ve made their fortunes, time to move on. Just like History’s Axe Men and Ice Road Truckers. Something new is in order.

    1. I will not watch American pickers until or unless Frank Fritz is brought back. Personally I think he should be backed by a network and start his own show. Think about that networks. Frank made American Pickers. Some people ( Mike Wolfe) is too narrow minded to see this

      1. mike’s ego isoff the charts. nothing against robbie, just not an on air personality. the show sucks now, won’t watch again. most of histories shows are going downhill.can’t believe didn’t stand behind frank.

    2. American Pickers is one of my favorite TV shows and I find it very interesting and very knowledgeable. I wish they would bring Frank back, he sure brought a lot to the show.

  5. How about doing what the fans and people are telling you, bring Frank back. It’s funny when you find something that works, certain people think they know what is better. You should now see that they were WRONG. If it’s not broken, leave it alone.

  6. Frank was a real treat when he was on the show! He and Mike were such a great team that one has to wonder why the producers never saw that? It’s like breaking up Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis or Berns and Gracie Allen. Regardless, the show is ruined!

  7. Not sure if the producers look at these emails, if not then somebody pass the word on Frank should get his own show then put the numbers up against the show now, see how that works out, could have a hit.

  8. Definitely bring back Frank Fritz. This is like ” new” coke- the recipe doesn’t work. The original is always best. I will not watch American Pickers until Frank returns!

  9. Robbie is not a good Replacement for Frank. Frank had a good personality and was friendly. Robbie has an attitude not becoming and doesn’t converse well with others.The ponytailed scruffy Jersey Jon is a terrible replacement for Frank. Mike has become more full of himself and entitled to take over and get rid of his longtime friend.

  10. I haven’t watched an episode of American Pickers, since I found out what they did to Frank. I’m glad that he has gotten his life together. Mike probably wanted his brother on the show anyway. And took advantage in Frank’s absence. I thought Frank was a better host. I do believe the rankings will continue to drop, without Frank.

  11. Frank is the reason i ejoy mor the show.He is very funny ,smart ,he has a tone of knoledge,spontaneus.Hes my favorite but both together its a perfect combination .We need Frank back otherwise i will keep waching and enjoing old episodes.

  12. I love American Pickers. I’ve never cared for Frank Fritz because he is so unfair and cheap to people and only cares about double or tripling his money off of their treasures. Where Mike is much fairer and pays them close to what the seller wants. Frank is just a cheap individual and doesn’t care about the people who are selling off their families treasures.

    Mije has alwsys been the most knowledgeable about everything and I hate when Frank thinks he’s the main man….when he’s definitely not.

    I’m sorry but Mike has dealt with Frank’s demons for years so I can definitely understand his frustration with Frank.

    I’m not really a fan of Robbie either because he’s as cheap as Frank and I don’t like when they won’t pay a few dollars more and always want the last say in the price.

    I look forward to American Pickers all the tije and will always wastch it no matter who’s on it. Love reliving my childhood in seeing thebitems they find.

  13. I think maybe Mike knifed Frank, To get his brother a better job. I really liked watching and it was interesting at times. But if Frank’s gone so am I.

  14. I quit watching, the done Frank wrong. Mike thinks he is all that. Looks like Mike’s marriage went down the tubes. When his limelight is gone so will his new squeeze.

  15. I stopped watching the show ever since Frank was let go! Robbie is not a good fit, wasn’t bad when he was on every once and a while, Frank was a major part of the show!

  16. Robbie is definitely a behind the scenes guy. Should never have been put in front of camera! Dull and NOT funny but thinks he is!!
    And Danielle has always wanted to do more so she took advantage of Frank when he hit a rough patch to move in and push him out. Together she and Robbie will kill the show.

    Mike was willing to throw a lifelong friend under the bus when he needed him the most.

    Rough times show true character and Mike and Danielle failed their friends miserably!

  17. Frank is the reason the sbow grew like it did you need him he dont need better wake up and get rid of mr egos brother Mr Boredom

  18. I never liked Mike. He has treated frank and other Co host. Like crap. He is a pompous ass. Who makes whoever cohost the blunt of his jokes.

  19. I never liked Mike. He has treated frank and other Co host. Like crap. He is a pompous ass. Who makes whoever cohost the blunt of his jokes. He uses people. He reminds me of someone else I knew from Iowa. And he was a jersey to.

  20. Love American pickers watch it all the time Robbie’s ok but Frank has a better personality he’s funny and also don’t forget he’s the bearded charmer

  21. I’ve always watched the show because of Frank he’s the main character in the show I like him, Wolfe is iboring!

  22. Always enjoyed watching the show when it was Mike and Frank, with Danielle at the shop. The chemistry was just right, and it’s a shame it’s gone.

  23. Mike is out of his wheelhouse on all but rusty bikes and reached out jalopies… boring to all but a small segment of viewers add boring Robbie and they are doubling down on boring!!.. Frank’s knowledge has a broader scope and appeals to a larger audience he also seems more like a genuine nice person not someone who has got caught up in their own stardom like his former partner..

  24. We agree. We have not watched American Pickers since Frank left. Bring him back or give Frank his own show!!

  25. Both complimented each other, however, since Frank gone, I quit watching. He was knowledgeable and a good ol boy. Didn’t like how Mike treated him either. Bring Frank back on, I’ll watch again, if don’t, won’t

  26. I miss Frank. The show was entertaining with Frank
    I’m learning what a ass Mike is
    He seems arrogant
    I like the show with Frank
    Don’t know how much longer I will watch
    Bring Frank back History channel.

  27. I would like to see frank back but face it, there seems to be too much water under the bridge for that. Maybe they can alternate one week frank and one mike and over time get them back together. I fear the chemistry they had is unrepairable.

  28. Mike is the reason I can’t stand/refuse to watch the show. It’s a bigger waste of time than Oak Island.

  29. It is overwhelming that Mike is more concerned about his image, then trying to understand someone like frank that’s fighting addiction, he wrote Frank off, and the old saying what comes around goes around , your being self centered killed your show

  30. You can’t replace Lassie with a beagle and still call the show Lassie. You can’t replace Frank with a Robbie and still call it American Pickers.
    It’s something different now, it no longer evokes the same feeling in me. Whatever will be will be … and it may be without me watching.

  31. Frank Fritz is enough of a personality that he should endorse a product like George Foreman or Suzanne Somers has done as his familiarity and endorsement will make him richer than American Pickers ever will.

  32. I think for years Mike thought the show was all about him and only him. I was a die hard American Pickers fan. Watched the show every week for many, many years. Without Frank, I have not watched the show with Mike and his brother./ I never did watch the show any time Robbie was on the show anyways.
    Why doesn’t some just tell us why you just fired Frank after so many great seasons WITH FRANK part of the show!

  33. I agree with everyone – Frank and Mike are American Pickers – there is no American Pickers…one without the other. I too have stopped watching the new shows, I will watch the old shows which I thoroughly enjoyed. They need to bring Frank back – why they fired him in the first place is insane – the show is Mike and Frank! Robbie is boring – I hated when they sent Danielle and him out, I hated when Danielle when out with Mike or Frank – she truly was obnoxious and, she is much, much, much worse now – seems sooooooooooooooo fake! Not anything like she was when the show started.

    I did not know that Mike left his wife after being together 20 something years – wow! Guess that’s what money does to some people – shame!

    Something must be going on because the show has not been aired at all in several weeks!

  34. Frank was the reason i watched the show. No more.. Danielle is fake, pretend to be nice when she is not,.. never liked her anyway.. Mike.. is selfish, the master of manipulation.. to leave his wife when she needed him most?! (she has cancer) what a shame!.. I hope the new girlfriend going to use this bastard to teach the lesson…

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