‘American Pickers’ Fans Boycott Season 23, Want Frank Back

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Ratings for American Pickers Season 23 plummeted without Frank Fritz as the original host. Fans vow to boycott the remaining season. They refuse to watch the show without him. The show premiered last week with Mike Wolfe and Robbie Wolfe as the new host.

As a result, the show’s ratings are expected to continue to drop. Fans agree that watching Robbie is like watching paint dry. Last year, the network fired Frank Fritz without a reason. Viewers weren’t sure if they would support the new season of the History Channel series.

Earlier this week, the show shared a sneak peek of Saturday’s latest episode. Yet, fans were less than impressed. They shared their thoughts about the new season without Frank.

American Pickers fans want Frank Fritz back

The American Picker Mike Wolfe Twitter account shared a photo from the latest episode where he finds an antique banjo at a general store in West Virginia. The reality star posed with the instrument in the photo. He studied the old banjo inside a store that was closed down for decades.

“Mike @AmericanPicker seeks out an old, super tunnel banjo from brothers Brad and Bruce’s family store property in Cottageville, West Virginia during this Saturday’s new episode,” the Twitter account shared.

American Pickers, Mike Wolfe, Danielle, https://www.instagram.com/p/CSPry3Aremh/
American Pickers, Mike Wolfe, Danielle, https://www.instagram.com/p/CSPry3Aremh/

Fans took to that post to share their grievances. Most of them revealed that they want Frank Fritz back. They had a hard time watching the premiere episode. Some of them weren’t excited about watching Saturday’s episode.

  • “No longer follow or watch now that Frank was skidded.”
  • “I won’t watch [the] show anymore, you guys did Frank s***ty.”
  • “Where is Frank?!”
  • “Where is Frank?? 💩show.”
  • “Frank or quit!”
  • “Frank is a big miss.”

The fans are now boycotting the show because they want Frank back. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, ratings plummeted during the Season 23 premiere on Saturday, January 1. They continue to decline with the new episode that aired on Saturday, January 8. The History Channel fired Frank from the show in July 2021 and hired Robbie as his replacement.

Robbie Wolfe labeled “boring”

American Pickers fans are not happy with Frank’s replacement. They called Robbie “boring” on Saturday’s episode. Most of them stormed Twitter that day to criticize the new host. Most of them don’t think he has the same charisma that Frank had when he hosted the show.

  • “Show really stinks without Frank. I’d be worried, Mike.”
  • “The show needs Frank, Mike & Dani. Stop changing it. I’m sure Robbie is a nice guy but comes across boring on TV.”
  • “I watched the new season with the Wolfe Brothers. Need to bring back Frank. Robbie has no personality he is absolutely boring!!!”
  • “It really doesn’t have the same ‘Pickin’ Magic’ without the bearded wonder!!!”
American Pickers Frank Fritz Mike Wolfe
American Pickers Frank Fritz Mike Wolfe

Frank last appeared on the show in March 2020. He took time off to recover from his back surgery. The television star opened up about his feud with Mike, who is the show’s main man. It’s unclear whether their feud led to his firing.

What are your thoughts on American Pickers Season 23? Do you agree that Robbie is boring? Do you want Frank back? Sound off below in the comment section.

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