Jared Haibon Admits Not Bonding With Son Immediately

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Bachelor in Paradise couple and fan-favorite couple Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti recently welcomed their first child. Fans had been waiting for Dawson to make his way into the world. Now that he’s been here a bit, Jared is talking about the emotions he felt or didn’t feel when their son was first born. Keep reading to find out more.

Jared Haibon talks about emotions when their son was first born

US Weekly shared what Jared Haibon had to say about how he felt when Dawson was first born. He said that he was always told that the instant his child was born he would feel an instant overwhelming love. Jared says that wasn’t the case with Dawson.

He said that while he didn’t have an instant connection with his son, he’s learning more and more that it is okay. Jared said, “The biggest surprise thus far has been … I was not, like, overwhelmed with this feeling of unconditional love for my son [when he arrived].” He continued, “In the moment, I felt like a very evil human being because all I’ve been told was, ‘As soon as this kid is born, you’re gonna feel it.’”

He went on to say he felt guilty about his feelings. Jared said, “I was like, ‘Oh, my God. I’m a psychopath. I don’t love my son.’ … I want to tell people [to not] have this expectation because you’re going to feel like a horrible person for the first couple hours. And that’s not what you wanna feel.”

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Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti/Credit: Ashley Iaconetti Instagram

Ashley weighed in on their feelings

Ashley Iaconetti also spoke out and said that her sister-in-law, Shannon Haibon, and 90 Day Fiancé’s Loren Brovarnik made her and Jared feel better.

Ashley shared that Loren told them she didn’t feel a connection with her child until they were roughly three weeks old. The BIP alum said that for her and Jared the connection didn’t take that long. She said, “Jared and I started feeling that attachment, honestly, within hours.”

Now, Jared said undoubtedly he loves his son more than anything in the world. He gushes about Dawson constantly.

Ashley and Jared via Instagram
Ashley and Jared via Instagram

Ashley also shared a glimpse into her birth story. She said it was only two hours from her first contraction when she got her epidural. Then, Dawson made his debut nine hours after her first contraction.

Since she got her epidural so quickly, Ashley said she really only had bad pain for about an hour. She said the first hour simply felt like bad menstrual cramps.

What do you think about Jared not feeling an instant connection to Dawson? Have you experienced this as well?




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