Chris Combs Makes Himself Available To Fans Via Phone?

Chris Combs from TLC

It’s hard not to fall in love with the family of 1000-Lb Sisters. Fans initially met Tammy Slaton and her sister Amy Halterman as they began their weight loss journey. Their brother Chris Combs joined in Season 2 and instantly became a fan favorite.

Throughout the series, Chris has had a lot of success. Fans really just can’t get enough of his positive attitude and willingness to commit to change. At the end of the season, he happily stepped out in a brand new suit, something he hadn’t been able to wear in years.

Chris Combs/TLC

If you’re a big fan of Chris, then you’re probably going to be excited to know that it’s possible to get in touch with him. Keep reading to see how.

How can 1000-Lb Sisters fans reach out to Chris Combs?

If you aren’t already familiar with the app Cameo, we’ll fill you in. It’s a service where fans pay a fee and can get personalized messages from their favorite celebrities. Sometimes celebs also give fans the option to have a quick live chat or a phone call. Chris Combs is on Cameo and can’t wait to hear from you and the rest of the fan base!

He recently posted on Instagram how to make it happen. For $5, you can chat on the phone with Chris Combs on February 13. He just wants you to know that you need to have the Cameo app installed first.

Chris Combs/Instagram

If you received a Cameo from Chris Combs, how did it go? Would you recommend it to other fans? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. We love hearing from fans just like you!

What can we expect to happen next for the family?

Unfortunately, at this point we don’t yet know if 1000-Lb Sisters will return for Season 4 or not. Last year, TLC quickly renewed the show for a third season just after Season 2 wrapped up. But we’re still waiting for news on Season 4.

It’s entirely possible that the show started filming without our knowledge. However, Tammy Slaton said that so far no one renewed a contract for a fourth season. It’s possible she isn’t being truthful and is keeping things a secret until TLC wants to make an official announcement.

But right now, there are just a lot of questions and not many answers. However, fans remain hopeful the family will come back for another season — even if Tammy isn’t willing to do another season.

What did you think of 1000-Lb Sisters this year? Are you happy for Chris and the rest of the family? Are you going to participate in the phone call with Chris? Leave your answers in the comments and keep following us online.

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  1. Would love to see the show have more about Chris journey and Amy. Pretty much over seeing Tammy…she’s too ugly speaking, rude and is going down hill fast. Only she can save herself….

    1. Tammy is a clear case of arrested development. She pretty much acts like a toddler when she is confronted with something she does not want to deal with. She has her tantrums and then refuses to even talk about things. Unless someone steps in to protect her from herself I would believe that she will do herself in VERY soon.

  2. I love all the Slaton family members..I’m from Corbin Kentucky would love to meet you all….God bless….Tammy you got this live you girl..Rooting for you.

    1. I’m still supporting Tammy. I know she has issues. It’s not easy for someone in her position. If it was then she would have been lost weight. Tammy and Amy started this series on their own. Now the rest of the family is getting in on the money. Doesn’t seem fair. I hope she keeps trying and doesn’t give up. Unless you walk in someone else’s shoes then you shouldn’t judge. I wish the best for all of them and especially Tammy. She needs all the support and love she can get and I’m here for her 1000%!!

  3. Please have a season 4 I have watched every episode since day 1 . Want to see more of the accomplishments and blessings this family has well been deserved. If Tammy chooses not to well that’s her choice but am very much excited about the others.
    Please reconsider 😊

  4. I really enjoy watching 1000 pound sisters and Chris and the other sisters.
    Please keep the show going. If Tammy decides she doesn’t want to be a part of their show that is her choice but would like her to return too.
    There is so much junk on tv so I would love them to come back for season 4 AND MORE!!!

  5. I won’t be paying for a phone call. I wish he hadn’t said Tammy lost 100 pounds in a month because thats not physically possible unless they surgucally cut it off her.
    He’s a nice guy on the show but there’s nothing I want to know bad enough to pay to ask.

    1. Not true, it is very possible for a morbidly obese person to lose 100 lbs in a month. Carrying all that weight is excruciatingly painful for anyone. Now imagine the amount of energy it takes to move all that weight around. You burn calories when your body is in motion. The bigger you are the more calories you burn off when moving. It’s too much too quick for an average person to 100 lbs in a month but perfectly doable for a morbidly obese person.🙂

  6. I LOVE this show!! I would pay for a pic with Chris like, right now! I love the family, we all have our ups and downs. Nothing beats family!!!

  7. I love the show and have watched since day 1. My daughter and I wait and watch it together. We absolutely LOVE Chris!! We love the family!! But, like many others we are tired of Tammy. She’s mad at the world and blames everything on anyone and everyone else. She just doesn’t accept blame for her own doing. She’s gotten so hateful and ugly that it’s just not entertaining to watch her cuss and degrade everyone. I know her family has to love her or they wouldn’t put up with her being so awful to them 99% of the time. My daughter and I are rooting for Amy to get her weight down to that 150 mark!! And we are so thrilled for Chris!! Please renew a new season!! We love this show so much!!

    1. I’m totally agree with you, I find Tammy very ungrateful and selfish as well. But I can’t put all the blame (as much as I would like to) on her, her family also contributes to the problem by enabling her. It’s such a tricky situation. They try so hard to motivate her to do things on her own while knowing they’re her back bone when she CHOOSES not to cooperate. No matter how ugly and unbearable she can be, they’ll always be there. Tammy needs to fall in order to turn her life around. That girl has been given so many chances.🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. I got to meet Chris last summer at The Great Wall Chinese restaurant in Princeton KY. He was very nice and cordial. My wife got to meet Amy and Gage at the Wal-Mart in Hanson KY. I sure hope they have another season. Good luck Tammy 🍀

  9. I had to cut the cord on cable. My only regret is no longer seeing 1000 pound sisters. I miss Tammy the most, she’s touched my heart (I’m hefty and understand the angst). I wish her the best and pray for her success.

  10. l think that anyone that would pay $5 to talk to Chris Combs or anyone else is just plain out of their minds.

  11. Would really love to see a season 4. Love the family but not a fan of Tammy she has not proven herself to be worthy of any more sympathy. At some point she needs to take responsibility for her life and quit lying and blaming everyone else for our situation. Kudos to the rest of the family they’re doing great love them!!!

  12. Would love to see 1000 lb sisters return. But without Tammy. When she comes on with all of that cussing and hatefulness, I mute until she’s off. Chris and his other sisters make the show anyway. I love Chris and Amy.

  13. I absolutely love the 1000lb sisters I look forward to more seasons. I know Tammy can be very bitter and mean at times but it’s allot she dealing with, although I love her personality at her size at times she doesn’t let her weight isolate her. She is a bold big beautiful woman. I wish she would just search her inner self and use her confidence to stand out to continue getting healthy and enjoying life even more.Love u Tammy we rock honey

  14. I so love the family on 1,000 lb Sisters. I had the Gastric Bypass on March 25th 2005. I weighed 235lbs but had a number of health issues that qualified me for that surgery. Including a number of back surgeries and Type 2 Diabetes. It broke my heart watcging Tammy go through her lack of self confidence and self love. I had a Mom who would constantly tell me I couldn’t do anything right in her eyes. She would belittle me by talking about my weight and putting me on diets and I would lose a little and then gain it back. Even when I graduated nursing school it didn’t impress her much. I became disabled from an on the job injury in June 1980 and of course she would bring it up every chance she got. So I totally understand how Tammy felt. BUT she needed to decide she wanted to have her surgery because it requires A LOT of commitment on her part. I have a number of friends that also had the surgery (including my ex husband) and they all put their weight back on. I had a goal of 90 lbs to lose and I have managed to keep it off to this day. You really have to follow what your Dr says (I take a boatload of supplements because the surgery I had also removed a part of my small intestine and that reduces the viamin and mineral and nutrition intake greatly. You also have to give up soda and alcohol and that’s why Amy gets tipsy as quick as she does. So many people have told me I took the easy way out. Not on your best day is that question true. I can’t wait to see a 4th season to see all of the changes that they are going through. I would so love to be able to sit and talk to Tammy and be a support person but I know that won’t be possible. Chris keep doung what you are doing because we are all thrilled to be on your journey with you!! And PLEASE TLC bring on Season 4!!!!

  15. I’m kinda getting into the slaton sisters and families but I JUST CANT STAND FREAKING ASS TAMMY. GET RID OF HER

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