Hallmark’s Spring Into Love Premieres May Disappoint Sleuthers

Hallmark Mystery-Photo: Candace Cameron Bure Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Astorga

Hallmark mystery fans who have been waiting for new mystery movies may be disappointed. The feel-good network has just released their Spring Into Love premieres. This is the listing of all the new March releases.

How many new mysteries will premiere in March? Sleuthers, here is the latest news.

How Many New Mysteries Airing During Hallmark’s Spring Into Love?

Hallmark has just announced its three new Spring Into Love premieres. Two movies are premiering on the regular channel. The first is Feeling Butterflies, starring Kayla Wallace, and Kevin McGarry. The other is the ER reunion called A Second Chance At Love, starring Gloria Reuben and Eriq La Salle.

On Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, there is one premiere. It is The Presence Of Love, starring Eloise Mumford and Julian Morris. This would be a non-mystery movie on this channel. The HMM movies are often dealing with more sensitive subjects including the loss of a loved one, as in this case.

That means no new mysteries premiering in March.

Hallmark Cut Color Murder-Photo: Fred Henderson Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman
Hallmark Cut Color Murder-Photo: Fred Henderson Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman

Only Two New Mysteries In Three Months Of 2022

Now that Hallmark has announced its three Spring Into Love movies, Sleuthers know exactly how many mysteries will premiere in the first quarter of 2022. That would be two mystery movies.

In 2021, by the end of March, Hallmark premiered four new mysteries. In 2022, by the end of March, that number is cut in half. Last year, there was a total of 15 new mystery premieres. Hallmark will have a lot of catching up if they will match that number.

Already, Hallmark has officially canceled a lot of mysteries. This includes Matchmaker Mysteries, Picture Perfect Mysteries, Hailey Dean Mystery series, and most likely The Gourmet Detective.

A lot of Sleuthers have heard rumors that Chronicle Mysteries and Crossword Mysteries have also been canceled. However, no one has shared any official news on either.

There has not been any word on Mystery 101, Hannah Swensen (Murder She Baked), or Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries.

However, Kristoffer Polaha recently revealed on the Hallmarkie’s podcast that their numbers were good. On another episode of this same podcast, Alison Sweeney explained that Hallmark will listen to fans. If fans are talking about a mystery series, the odds of Hallmark making more episodes are increased.

If that is the case, the network surely loves Mystery 101. That cliffhanger ending still has people talking.

What Are Hallmark’s Upcoming Mysteries?

Hallmark is premiering two mysteries in February. The first is a brand new mystery, while the second sleuther is someone everyone knows.

The first movie is called Cut, Color, Murder. This is a new Hallmark Signature murder starring Julie Gonzalo and Ryan McPartlin. McPartlin also wrote the script for this new movie. This mystery premieres on Sunday, February 6, at 9 p.m. Eastern, on HMM.

According to the Hallmark press release, Ali Bowden (Gonzalo) owns Monarch Beauty Salon. While she is beautifying the participants in the local beauty pageant, she gets exposed to a lot of local gossip.

Moreover, this happens to be pretty handy, as someone was murdered at the pageant, and now her sister Chelsea (Grace Beedie) is on the suspect list.

In addition, there’s a new detective in town, and his name is Kyle Crawford (McPartlin). Ali’s past, including her own husband’s murder, comes into play as the two try to solve the latest murder.

The second movie is the upcoming Aurora Teagarden: Haunted By Murder. The premiere of this new mystery is on Sunday, February 20, at 9 p.m., Eastern.

This movie is about a haunted house. Moreover, it is when Aurora met Sally. In this new mystery, Candace Cameron Bure and Lexa Doig’s real-life daughters, Natasha Bure, and Mia Shanks star as young Aurora and Sally. Furthermore, fans cannot wait for this episode!

Sleuthers, what do you want Hallmark to air on their Movies & Mysteries channel?

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  1. I for one am hoping the mystery 101 series continues as I am a big fan of Kristoffer Polaha. He is a great actor and an asset to the Hallmark line up.

  2. i want HMM to air more new movies of mystery 101, crossword, martha’s vineyard, ruby herring, aurora, hannah swensen, chronicle……

    1. Yes, I’m in agreement with Sachin Nagoor! MORE MYSTERY MOVIES!!! Not only do I love and want more mystery movies, my 16 yr old granddaughter loves the MMs! That’s another way for us to bond!

  3. Hallmark, please continue with Mystery 101. It has a loyal and large fan base. The actors, Kristoffer Polaha, Jill Wagner and Robin Thomas are above all others. This series is the best on any network. I can’t forget to give credit to Jonathan Christopher Plummer for his writing, it is off the charts.

  4. Not happy with the changes at Hallmark! Too many of the good mystery series have been cancelled. Enough of Aurora…..bring back Mystery 101 and Crossword Mysteries and Martha’s Vineyard series.

  5. The Mystery 101 series is great. It needs to be continued. Listen to your fans / customers. Keep this series going.

    1. For a Mystery channel I want to see mysteries. That’s why I paid the extra money to upgrade my cable package so I could get this channel. Don’t pull what MTV did. They were a music tv station. Now you’re lucky if they play any music. More Mysteries please and thank you!

  6. Please leave things alone. You ever heard of baby steps. To many good shows gone and none to replace them. You will be sorry some day if you do not listen to the fans. They are your bread and butter so to speak. I have always loved a good mystery and hallmark had a variety of them. Different actors different stories. Your writers are good let them make it better.

  7. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries should stick to mysteries as the channel suggests. That’s the reason we choose to watch that channel rather than the regular Hallmark channel. Mystery 101, Aurora, Hannah are necessary. So are more mystery movies, even if not a part of the ongoing series. Leave mystery on the mystery channel and the love and fluff on the Hallmark love channel.

  8. Stop canceling the mystery movies ! I subscribe to HMM to watch Mystery 101, please do not cancel it !!! Bring back Haley Dean !!!!!!
    Do not cancel Crossword Mysteries, or Hannah Swenson !!!!! Need more SS&D also !!!!! Miss the postables !!!!!
    I desperately miss the mystery movies that had been on !!!! Stop canceling great shows !!!!!

    1. I agree with Rebecca about Crossword Mysteries, Mystery 101, and SS&D. Keep these great shows on! DO NOT CANCEL THEM!

  9. I enjoy all of your mystery movies and series. I love Hallmark because no bad language and extreme bloody shows. Cameron Mathis is one of my favorites and along with the shows and series he is in. I watch over and over so many of Hallmark movies and shows waiting for new ones.

    1. What Hallmark Movies and Mysteries mystery movies that are terrible that you will be glad that that mystery movies are cancelled?

  10. Actually the new Aurora Teagarden Mystery isn’t when Ro and Sally met it’s when they find their first dead body mystery. Ro and Sally have been friends for years when this occurs.

    I really want more original mysteries. They seem to be putting love stories on the Hallmark Murder & Mysteries channel which doesn’t make sense to me. But, let’s keep making more new Hannah Swenson Mysteries (there are over 20 books in the series). Let’s have more Mystery 101. Let’s get some new cozy mystery series launched on this channel since there are so many good ones out there. Surely Hallmark will keep this going. I’ll keep watching.

  11. Definitely wanna see more Mystery 101, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries & love the new one Cut, Color, Murder!

  12. I have loved every mystery series on HMM. That is what we pay the big bucks for. Loved Hailey Dean, Murder She Baked, Mystery 101, Murder 101, Aurora Teagarden, Ruby Herring, chronicle Mysteries, Jane Doe, Fixer Upper, Martha’s Vineyard, Emma Fielding, Crossword Mysteries, Signed Sealed Delivered, Matchmake Mysteries,Mystery Woman, Flower Shop Mysteries, Darrow & Darrow.

    You are going to lose a lot of customers if you don’t change this crazy policy of cancelling good shows.

  13. Why would they cancel crossword mysteries? It seems to be a favorite. I’m a little bit disappointed with Hallmark on its choices. However, I do hope they don’t cancel a lot of the shows. I understand when some of the celebrities have left and that may be due to the cancellation but the others that are still with Hallmark and have the mystery shows should resume

  14. I want to watch mysteries on HMM not what we can get on the regular Hallmark channel. I can’t believe they have canceled so many. Mystery 101 is my favorite Along with Crossword. So many of the regular actors are being replaced. What is happening?

  15. I don’t care if they cancel Crossword Mysteries and Chronicle Mysteries I can watch those Mysteries on DVD if Hallmark Movies and Mysteries cancels Chronicle Mysteries and Crossword Mysteries.

  16. If Chronicle Mysteries and Crossword Mysteries are cancelled by Hallmark Movies and Mysteries I would not care because I have both of those Mysteries movies on DVD.

  17. I am not impressed with the changes that Hallmark has been making with its selection of mystery movies. I enjoyed so many of the series that others have mentioned. I am disappointed that so many series have been cancelled. The newest mystery introduction’s characters have no chemistry and the story line holds very little interest. Please bring back new episodes of some of the older series…a lot more not less…or at least better quality mysteries.

  18. More Mystery. I can watch the other stuff on Hallmark channel or the Hallmark drama
    channel. I only subscribe to this one to see mystery!!

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