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Hallmark’s ‘Mystery 101’: Will There Be New Movie To Explain Cliffhanger?

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Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is airing a Mystery 101 movie marathon. What movies are they airing?

However, fans do want to know when are they making the next movie, after the shocking Deadly History cliffhanger?

Here is the latest news for all of you Sleuthers. In addition, this is a warning that there are spoilers. If you have not seen Mystery 101: Deadly History, do not read on if you don’t want the ending spoiled.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Airing Mystery 101 Movie Marathon

Sleuthers, are you ready for a Mystery 101 movie marathon? On Saturday, January 14, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is airing the six most recent Mystery 101 movies, starring Jill Wagner, Kristoffer Polaha, and Robin Thomas.

The marathon begins at 11 a.m. Eastern time, with Playing Dead. The sixth movie starts at 9 p.m. Eastern, with Deadly History.

Sleuthers have been going crazy over the ending of Mystery 101: Deadly History. After declaring their love, the final scene is a fast-forward to 11 months later.

Travis arrives at a crime scene. He sees Amy is there. Travis then asks his partner, Maria, why she is there. Maria reveals that the murder victim is Sam Jameson.

Maria then asks her partner whether he knows who that is. Travis responds, “Yea, I know. He is Amy’s fiancé.”

The murder victim is Amy’s fiancé! Where did he come from? Fans have been waiting for the news of a sequel. What has Hallmark said?

Will There Be Sequel To Hallmark’s Deadly History?

Currently, Hallmark has not said a peep about another Mystery 101 movie. We do know that in February, they will air a brand new signature mystery, Cut, Color, Murder, as well as a new Aurora Teagarden.

We also know that Hallmark has already officially canceled a couple of mysteries, and they are evaluating the others.

However, just before Christmas, Kristoffer Polaha was on the Hallmarkies podcast. He discussed his vast array of projects, but Rachel and Ann made sure that he talked about Murder 101.

First, the ending was not the typical Hallmark ending, and Kris acknowledged that. Next, they asked if there will be another mystery. He did acknowledge that he was not speaking for Hallmark, as they have been rethinking their mysteries, but instead as a “brand ambassador.”

Polaha said, “But I know that Mystery 101 has performed really, really, really well for the network. They get big numbers rating-wise, and they sell overseas, internationally.”

I think for a few conversations I’ve had with people [in] network that there’s still very much a heartbeat in the show, and still very much love to continue telling the story of Travis, Amy, and Graham.

So there will be more. I think that the fans can take a deep breath and know that there is more to come.

Polaha admitted he was very surprised at the cliffhanger ending. Best of all, he shared that the eighth episode is “locked and loaded, it’s written, it’s ready.”

Moreover, the Life Unexpected star hinted at the brilliance of what screenwriter John Christian Plummer did with the new script.

 When you hear what he has done with it, you guys will be…the payoff is worth all of this.

Hallmark Photo: Jill Wagner, Kristoffer Polaha Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman
Hallmark Photo: Jill Wagner, Kristoffer Polaha Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman

Jill Wagner Working With Yellowstone Creator

On Hallmark’s Mystery 101, Jill Wagner portrays mystery and literature professor, Amy Winslow, who does some sleuthing on the side. But, this is a desk job.

But, right now, the Stargate Atlantis alum is working out hard to portray a young marine in the Upcoming series, Lioness. That means she is working out for the intense role.

Based on a real-life CIA program, Jill Wagner is working on this Paramount Plus spy drama with Yellowstone creator, Taylor Sheridan. There is no bigger name in television right now. This series could be a game-changer for this Hallmark fan-favorite.

Wagner told her Instagram followers, “I believe that I have a lot to prove to the people running the show. I am not a major famous actor that can just walk in the room and impress people with my credits.”

Since having her baby daughter, Daisy, in August 2021, Wagner has been working out non-stop to be as physically tough as she needs to be for this physically challenging role.

Kristoffer Polaha Has Role In Major Movie, Lifetime Movie

Jill Wager is not the only Mystery 101 star that has a lot on her plate. Her mystery co-star Kristoffer Polaha, who plans on staying with the Hallmark family for years to come, has been very busy with some high-profile roles as well. Thankfully, he was able to fit in time to film the delightful A Dickens Of A Holiday for Countdown To Christmas 2021.

Anyone who saw Wonder Woman 1984 saw him in a small, but significant role. During the challenges of early Covid lockdown, he was part of the upcoming movie, Jurassic World: Dominion. Although he shares that his role is small, he will have scenes throughout the movie.

Also, Polaha is starring in Angie Harmon’s new Lifetime movie, Barstow. That will be out sometime in 2022 and could lead to a series.

Lastly, the Small Town Christmas star’s book, Moments Like This, could soon become a movie. In addition, he wrote a sequel, Where The Sun Rises (From Kona With Love) which will be out on March 29, 2022.

Because he filmed two Hallmark movies during Covid, he had two different 15-day quarantines that allowed the married dad of three kids enough quiet time to write undisturbed. He managed to write 80,000 words in 15 days. That is pretty incredible!

Hopefully, Jill and Kris will find time to film the next Mystery 101 soon. Sleuthers are waiting to know what exactly happened between that declaration of love and the dead body of Amy’s surprise fiancé!

Meanwhile, fans of the two actors do have a lot of wonderful projects to look forward to.

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  1. I absolutely love watching 101 with Kristopher and Jill and I’m praying that there will be a movie soon to explain the cliffhanger!!! Absolutely love love love!!!

  2. Mystery 101 is the BEST Hallmark mystery series. Please, please continue filming them! We want to see the next episode (8) plus more!

  3. Please continue Mystery 101. It is the best series on any of the networks. The chemistry between Kristoffer Polaha and Jill Wagner is the best I’ve seen sometime. Robin Thomas as Jills father is exactly how a father loves his daughter. Jonathan Christopher Plummer is hands down the best writer. The loyal fans of this series want to see Travis, Amy and Graham story continue for a long time.

  4. I love mystery 101 can’t get enough. I’ve always enjoyed Jill Wagner’s movies.
    I watch all of the mystery shows that have started by Hallmark. The best thing is there all strong women. I love that! Please don’t take them . Even my daughter and grand daughter watch them. We all enjoy the mystery shows. Thanks

  5. Just watched the series on Hallark Mysteries today and enjoyed it. I’m afraid I will miss an answer to the cliffhanger!

  6. We watch several of the Hallmark mystery series, but our very favorite is Murder 101. We sure hope this is not the end of this show. This is the very best!!!!

  7. I am an addicted fan of Mystery 101. Did not like the ending of the last show. What is that all about, Amy’s fiancé? Hope it is part of a sting operation or something that Travis is working on. Please get me a new show soon. Love the Hallmark Mysteries. I also love Mark Deklin, met him in person and he now keeps me posted on when he will appear in different shows.

  8. I love the Mystery 101 series but I also liked the Crossword mysteries too. The writing was pretty good and the eventual banter between Brennan and Lacey was good too! (I’m a crossword puzzle geek from decades back!). Sadly, however, I gather the last episode was the last one.

  9. I am praying that Mystery 101 comes back; everyone in it is and has been excellent! Next to Aurora Teagarden, it’s the best series I’ve seen, and helped make me a major Hallmark fan as has Lacey Chabert (sp?) and several her partners. A Christmas Waltz with Will Kemp was the most charming of her many films; they had amazing chemistry. Unlike an earlier film Chocolate and Romance (?) whose script was rather formulaic, Waltz used the natural charm and grace of the actors and had sparkle that was unique. I also hope we don’t lose Brennan Elliot either. Hallmark, don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish!

  10. Although I am a huge fan of Mystery 101, I’m not happy that Hallmark has made us wait so long for the next episode. If you want to end the series then do it….don’t leave people hanging with a cliffhanger.
    I have found myself going elsewhere for a good series because I am disenchanted with the way Hallmark has handled this.

  11. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE KEEP THE MYSTERY 101 GOING – love this mystery – think it’s one of the best ever. 3/27/22

  12. Please Bring back Mystery 101. If you do not intend to bring this great mystery series back
    please inform the many frustrated fans who have been waiting to know the fate of this show.

    Thank you!

  13. Please bring back Mystery 101! This is the best murder mystery! Take off crossword puzzle and matchmaker mystery and get rid of sign sealed and delivered. Travis and Amy belong together!!

  14. One of the better hallmark shows bring them back soon. A lot of hallmark shows are cheesy this one is genuine.

  15. Mystery 101 is a definite favorite. Love the whole cast. Need to see the end of the cliffhanger!!!
    Signed Sealed Delivered is a delight. Deeper than most.

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