Hallmark’s ‘A Second Chance At Love’ Reunites ‘ER’ Alums For First Time

Hallmark, used with permission from Crown Media.

Hallmark fans, are you ready for an ER reunion? Gloria Reuben (Mr. Robot, Lincoln), and Eriq La Salle (Logan, Coming to America) is starring in A Second Chance At Love.

La Salle and Reuben played Peter Benton and Jeanie Boulet, respectively, on the hit NBC series ER. This is the first time they have acted together in 20 years.

In addition, Alvina August (Nancy Drew, Deliver By Christmas), Jarod Joseph (Rogue, The Christmas Promise), and Nykeem Provo (Wendy Williams: The Movie, The Right One) are also featured.

Chad Quinn (A Christmas Surprise, Christmas Belles) wrote the script, and Alfons Adetuyi (Miracle In Motor City, Love Jacked) directed A Second Chance At Love. Want to learn more?

What Is Hallmark’s A Second Chance At Love About?

According to Deadline, on the surface, Alicia (August) and Arnold’s (Joseph) marriage is picture-perfect. However, there is something amiss.

Arnold is ready to grow their family, but subconsciously Alicia is hesitant to the idea. Rather than face the problem head-on, Alicia, the self-proclaimed “love doctor,” immerses herself in a distraction.

She is now obsessed with her divorced parents Jack (La Salle) and Brenda’s (Reuben) dating affairs. Alicia does this by setting them each up on a blind date dating app.

Hallmark Alvina August, Jarrod Joseph, used with permission Crown Media
Hallmark Alvina August, Jarod Joseph, used with permission Crown Media

New Hallmark Movie Brings Lots Of Excitement!

A new Hallmark movie always makes fans happy. However, an unexpected reunion like this ER reunion, just makes this movie very special. Moreover, everyone from the top to the stars is thrilled about this reunion.

Lisa Hamilton Daly EVP, Programming Crown Media Family Networks shared her thoughts.

“We are so excited to reunite Eriq and Gloria in this all-new movie. With 20 years passed since they last appeared on the screen together, this heartwarming romcom will showcase their undeniable chemistry – a treat for viewers ready to see this television reunion. I’m looking forward to it and I know so many ER fans are, too.”

Eriq La Salle was excited about a double reunion. “I’m excited to work with Hallmark again and reunite with Gloria.”

Lastly, Gloria Reuben is new to the Hallmark family. Moreover, she seems thrilled to be working with Eriq on a different type of story.

“It’s wonderful to join the Hallmark family and to reunite with Eriq after so many years, especially in a completely different genre of storytelling!”

When Will A Second Chance At Love Premiere?

Hallmark’s A Second Chance At Love premieres on Saturday, March 26, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Ready For Hallmark’s Loveuary?

Hallmark has renamed February to Loveuary. Starting on February 5, they are featuring all three Wedding Veil movies on the first three Saturdays of Loveuary.

The final Loveuary movie, Welcome To Mama’s, airs on February 26, featuring the incomparable Lorraine Bracco, as well as Melanie Scrofano and Daniel di Tomasso.

Hallmark fans, are you getting excited for the upcoming ER reunion on Hallmark?


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