Lifetime’s ‘Miracle In Motor City’ Stars Tia Mowry, Features Smokey Robinson

Miracle In Motor City Lifetime-Used with permission from Lifetime press site.

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime brings in the biggest Motown celebrity, Smokey Robinson in Miracle In Motor City. This Christmas movie stars Tia Mowry (Family Reunion, Sister Sister), Mark Taylor (Next Door Nightmare, A Christmas Tree Grows In Colorado), and Markeda McKay (Titans, Odd Squad).

Ready to watch a Christmas pageant that only the Motor City can produce?

What Is Lifetime’s Miracle In Motor City About?

According to The Futon Critic, Amber Dupont (Tia Mowry) bites off more than she can chew. This happens when she takes charge of her church’s annual Christmas pageant. Worst of all, she inadvertently promises to deliver a special performance by Motown Legend Smokey Robinson.

When her best friends secretly enlist Amber’s former flame Eddie (Taylor) to help – the pair reconnect in a quest to find Smokey and convince him to appear. With the clock ticking, family, friends, and superstar Smokey Robinson come together to stage the most special pageant yet.

Lifetime, Smokey Robinson-
Lifetime, Smokey Robinson-

Smokey Robinson Shares Wisdom In Lifetime Movie

In an exclusive clip by People, from the Lifetime Movie, Miracle In Motor City, Eddie asks Smokey Robinson how he “juggles” his personal and professional life. Smokey begins to answer with his kernels of wisdom.

“By remembering the ‘why.'” He then elaborated.

“Before I was blessed enough to get into the music business, it was my impossible dream. My favorite prayer. And I guess God said, ‘Okay, I’m gonna let you have this, see what you do with it, see how you treat people.'”

The legendary singer admits that he has a lot of things going for him. “I’ve got a great wife and a wonderful family. And I love my job. I love my wife and my family. And I love the fact that they support me in loving my job. When you’ve got it like that, there’s no juggling.”

This kernel is what will lead viewers through the holiday season. “Love leads the way. All you’ve gotta do is follow.”

In addition, Smokey does play a few chords of the classic Christmas song, “O, Holy Night.”

Smokey Says Lifetime Movie Is ‘For The People Of Detroit’

According to an interview with Billboard, the Motown legend was never meant to star in this movie. Smokey Robinson never planned on starring in a movie as himself. However, he was convinced that this time he would want to participate. This was for Detroit.
“But my agent sent it to me and said, ‘Hey man, this is a great script. It’s about a Black family in Detroit at Christmas time and you’re in it — but you have to be you. Before you say no, I want you to read it.’ I read it and I thought it was warm, wonderful and sweet — and I hope it brings some positive feelings for the people of Detroit.”

When Can You Watch Miracle In Motor City?

Lifetime’s Miracle In Motor City premieres on Sunday, November 28, at 8 p.m. Eastern.


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