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Hallmark Has Canceled Two Mystery Series, Is Your Favorite Gone?

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#Sleuthers who have been fans of Hallmark mysteries may be in for a shock. At least two miniseries have been officially canceled. Here is the fate of those two, as well as the indications that two more are likely done.

What Hallmark mysteries have officially been canceled?

Hallmark Has Canceled Hailey Dean Mysteries

Amid Christmas movie cheer, Kellie Martin announced that that the Hailey Dean Mysteries have been canceled. She wrote on Twitter, “I just found out that Hailey Dean is done at Hallmark. Really sad and sorry to report.”

The Nancy Grace created series started in 2016, and a total of nine episodes were filmed.

Hallmark’s Picture Perfect Mysteries Canceled

Sadly, the stylistic Ron Oliver-directed Picture Perfect Mysteries have also been canceled. This is the series that stars the husband and wife team of Carlo and Alexa PenaVega.

Back in November, Alexa PenaVega did a Q&A on her Instagram Stories. One fan asked, “Any more mysteries in the making.”

Alexa replied, “Sadly, no.” Shen then continued. “The mysteries have come to an end. But, it was so much fun. Such a good run! And we’re really proud of what we made.”

Hallmark’s The Gourmet Detective Appears To Be Canceled

Dylan Neal’s pet project The Gourmet Detective seems to be done. The last movie, Roux The Day, premiered about two years ago. Moreover, Neal and his family have now moved to Portugal.

In July, Neal announced on Instagram that they moved. He did not mention The Gourmet Detective series but did share that they have optioned and are developing the detective novels by Faith Martin.

However, he did clarify that this will not be a Hallmark project. Unfortunately, The Gourmet Detective is toast.

Are Jesse Metcalfe’s Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries Canceled?

Fans of Jesse Metcalfe’s Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries may wonder if that series is canceled. On one hand, Metcalfe has shared that Hallmark is evaluating their entire mystery line.

However, there is no indication that he is filming, or preparing to film a new movie anytime soon.

One reason that fans may believe that the series is done is that Metcalfe just filmed a new Valentine’s movie for GAC Family. This movie, Harmony From The Heart, co-stars Jessica Lowndes. Lowndes wrote the movie, and her original songs will also be featured.

Hallmark, Cut, Color, Murder- Photo: Ryan McPartlin Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brendan Meadows
Hallmark, Cut, Color, Murder- Photo: Ryan McPartlin Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brendan Meadows

The New Hallmark Signature Mystery

Did you know that Hallmark will be premiering a brand new Signature Mystery in February? That is called Cut, Color, Murder. It stars Ryan McPartlin, Julie Gonzalo, Grace Beedie, Fred Henderson, and Eva Tamargo.

This murder mystery takes place at a beauty pageant. A beauty shop owner is working to solve the case, as she has a family member that is on the shortlist of suspects. McPartlin wrote the screenplay.

This movie premieres on Sunday, February 6, at 9 p.m. Eastern, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

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    1. Hailey Dean Mysteries is be of my favorites. Not predictable like the Hallmark love stories. Kiss in the last minute.

    2. I love all the Hallmark mystery shows. Honestly like them more than the romance (although I like those too).

      One reason stands out are the actors in them. They are very likeable and will be sorely missed.

      1. Hallmark us becoming just like ABC, CBS ect hailey dean was one of the best mysteries and picture perfect was good to so interesting watching a real husband and wife in the show. Hallmark is loseing it. The mystery movies are way better than their other movies. Why they keep canceling them is beyond me. FIXER UPPER, the one with the archeologist, even garage sale they should have found away to continue. These mysteries are the best things they have going for them.

  1. Will Hallmark only be old shows? Murder she wrote, Magnum, PI, Golden girls??? I’m tired of them all. Moving on from Hallmark.

    1. I love watching the Hallmark movies and mysteries shows the mysteries shows that was one thing that I looked forward to on Sunday nights. I love to watch the newer Martha vineyards anerds and the gourmet detective their chemistry was just amazing and and now you’re cutting a lot of them. Do you plan on at least continuing to make mystery movies because because if not I might as well cancel Hallmark Channel from my cable.

      1. Good job, I’m so with you on this. That’s the reason I watch HM&M. Why are they taking off some good movies and what are they replacing them with? I might have to cancel also.

    2. I’m tired I of Murder she wrote too!! And Magnum PI broadcast something else please we pay for this channel can we have an opinion?

  2. I love the Hallmark Mysteries, but could never keep up with them. They were so sporadic in introducing new episodes,, I could not keep up.

  3. I really wish that they would bring new episodes of Singed,Sealed, Delivered back it is my and my husband’s favorite of all time.

    1. I agree! First they got us hooked and then moved to another channel that was not on my plan. I like this better than any other series.

    2. I’m with you on that. Can’t get Hallmark to give out any news for 2022. Best series they have ever done with a superb cast of 4 actors. Strong and loyal fan base. Yet Hallmark does not seem to realize what a gem they have. They should not waste any more time and should be making every effort to get the 4 cast members signed up before they move on to other acting jobs.

  4. We’ve been waiting months for our favorite mysteries. You teased us with 2 Aurora Teagarten, 1 Hannah Swenson, and the new mystery with Holly Robinson-Pete. Now to cancel Haley Dean, Gourmet Detective, and Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries… I’m so disappointed. We are actually Sable to watch your mysteries as a family. I wish you’d reconsider.

  5. I love all the mystery series on Hallmark. Why mess with a loyal fan base by canceling shows that are very popular with the viewers?

  6. I’m so completely disappointed that Hailey Dean mystery was cancelled. It appears whomever is making changes to hallmark channel is completely out of touch!😡

  7. I just started watching the Haily Dean Mysteries, and all the other mystery movies. They are all very excellent movies. Too bad you cancel them. I wish you consider to put t them back. Also, Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries.

  8. Maybe the stars need to go to GAC to get the series back on track. Hallmark movies & mysteries canceled Good Witch, Hailey Dean, Gourmet Detective. Three good ones. And they’re fudging on the ones they’re keeping, introducing a new one instead of nurturing what they had. Pitiful.

  9. Come on Hallmark this is really bad on your part
    I can’t believe you’re being so oblivious to what your consumers want

    1. Know of this comes as complete surprise. I’m a fan of the Martha’s vineyard mysteries! I suspected that if they do cancel Martha’s vineyard, it is because of the disagreement they had with Jessie Metcalf. It was also the only show that had an actual male lead and a pandering and placating station like hallmark can’t have that. If Metcalf plays his cards right, he can get his serise on GAC, since he create the show. Or he and GAC can create a new serise. Either way hallmark is in for a bumpy ride.

  10. I was so disappointed to learn that the Haley Dean series is being cancelled. Like everyone agreed you are taking off some of the best shows. Will be looking for other series on different stations.

  11. Loved the mysteries and other Hallmark shows. Sorry to see them cancelled. Not sure the extra money is worth keeping Hallmark now that they are becoming too woke and other crap into their shows.

  12. I don’t think that it’s good business to cancel series after series, without letting people know what’s coming. Especially with such a loyal fan base. There could be really new mystery series that are coming but if we don’t know then we’re just going to be disappointed and move on.

  13. Don’t cancel the mysteries we need HM&M. Many people rather watch mysteries rather then the other Hallmark channels. I love Hailey Dean, Picture Perfect ect. I’m upset if the person in charge don’t like mysteries why is he in charge.

  14. Why is it the good shows with good actors that work well together always get cancelled. I know you like to change things up but 4 or 5 shows. Beginning you said two and I Counted more. Please keep crossword mysteries I know it has not been on long ,but I think it will succeed.

  15. It truly amazes me that TV has gotten to be nothing but trash. Hallmark is taking the good shows off that the whole could enjoy. Truly sad!!!

  16. I agree. Great movies that I can watch with my family. No gratuitous violence, just good entertainment. Now you are taking away something that all ages can watch. Very disappointing. I hope karma gets you back

  17. Finding any of the mystery movies anywhere but Hallmark is difficult, the app didn’t allow for any of my favorites, now to find out they are cancelling breaks my heart.

  18. I’m sadly disappointed with Hallmark decisions, I Love all those shows that they’ve canceled. Well, I still have Aurora Teagarden

  19. These mysteries are the only good family movies to watch on tv. Really Hallmark you giving in to the rest of bad programming!!! We wait year after year for our shows to come back on now your taking them all away.

  20. I love Hallie Dean, brook shields, & groumet mysteries,& sign sealed & delivered movies..really don’t watch the others..!

  21. Martha’s vineyard mysteries why? And Hailey Dean? What are you thinking? Are you hoping we all move to

    1. What about Mystery 101? I have not heard anything in regards to this series. I love it as well as the ones being canceled.

  22. Mystery series were the most interesting. Sorry there are so many changes. I thought that you had a winning formula.

    1. I especially love the mystery movies! Love Hailie Dean, the one where Lacey Chabert plays the crossword maker for the newspaper. I love anything She plays in, Kellie Martin, Candace Cameron Bure is in and Allison Sweeney and Brooke Shields. I pretty much love them all. Love the newer one with Holly Robinson Peete. These are the only Chanel’s I watch. If I can’t have enough to watch, I may as well go down lower on my cable.
      You are making a mistake, Hallmark!!v

  23. HALLMARK, YOU REALLY NEED TO EXAMINE SELF! You are canceling fan favorites and bring on more garbage!!!
    Martha’s Vineyard, Picture Perfect…..
    starting to suck!! Whats next??!!
    Do a better job at the rotation of schedules with shows!

  24. Bring back the Good Witch. I have watched all of them since the beginning. And cutting good mystery shows that many of us like is crazy.

  25. Why would you cancel?? Hailey dean mystery was a nice change from all your normal hallmark shows! Also I liked Martha’s Vineyard mysteries?

  26. I love the mysteries but still like Murder She Wrote. What I don’t understand is why ou start in October showing Christmas movies on BOTH Hallmark channels! Overkill, don’t you think!?

  27. I love all of the Mysteries sad to see Hallmark take them away. Hallmark is clearly catering to a different clientele so I’ll be moving on it was fun while it lasted.

  28. I love murder she wrote, golden girls, Haley Dean, Martha’s Vineyard, I agree with the majority, if favorite programs go away, not worth keeping extra channels on dish

  29. Miss all the Mystery Movie series. No profanity or slashing. Movies that make you use your little gray cells and think. Come on Hallmark, get back to being THE type of channel that drew so many of us to you in the 1st place. Listen to us, PLEASE!

  30. No! Not Hailey Dean Mysteries! I am really sick of 1/3 of the year (at least) of Christmas Movies….. I really want the series and mystery! Please don’t cancel this show!

  31. I disagree with hallmarks decision but I mostly am tired of Candace burre being in so many movies and leaving out stars of Haley Dean and picture perfect. Enough with Candace burre. She arrogant and condescending in real life and you need to quit putting her in “queen status”.

  32. Hallmark channels not keeping me as a viewer.
    Please don’t cancel the 101 Mystery series. Cast is wonderful.
    I’m glad I’ve added the gaf channel to my list.

  33. So disappointed in Hallmark programming in regard to the Mystery Series; all of the cancelled shows will be missed and prefer to see the Mystery series rather than all the shallow romance adventures ending in the classic kiss.
    Mystery gave viewers good casting; well written scripts and loyal fans. Perhaps the new channel will pick up the Mystery series and provide viewers with substance viewing. The original characters in the Mystery series had a chemistry; a consistency of performance; something the cast of the Golden Girls, Magnum; etc. seem provide even if we have seen them 100’s of times.

  34. Apparently Hallmark is not concerned with satisfaction of a large part of their fan base. Cancellation of our subscription might get their attention. They are all so “customer friendly” which is baloney. All they are concerned with is revenue. What hypocrites.

  35. The best thing Hallmark has going for them is the mystery movies. Really good writing entertainment that is solid and really draws you in solving these mysteries is so much fun the actors are great and very well connected. But I don’t understand why they keep canceling all the good shows. How can they let go these 3 shows? Whoever is running hallmark now is not doing anything good. It’s better they had these movie mysteries year round rather than their romance movies with which am about done watching. It’s the same movie over and over with different actors, no originality and that ending kiss I mean common. Most of those movies have no romance, half the time I keep asking myself when did these 2 people fall in love with each other? Smh. Am becoming very disappointed in hallmark a channel I have always loved. Its just a shame.

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