Kody Brown Slams ‘Janelle’s’ Kids As Disobedient

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Kody Brown has never felt Janelle and Christine followed his pandemic protocols properly. He believed they completely disregarded them from the beginning. The only wife and children who were obedient were Robyn and her five. During part one of Sister Wives: One on One, Kody and his rules were further examined. He revealed how he felt about each wife’s behavior. Kody also shared that Janelle was playing by his rules but it was HER kids who would not obey.

Kody Brown And His Rules

According to Kody, it was his physician who helped set his stringent rules. He claims he was trying to prevent a kid from dying. However, he was extremely over the top with what he expected his kids and family to do. They were so used to being around each other whenever they wanted to be. This was a whole new experience for everyone. For Robyn, she had a family that was ready to hunker down and do whatever it took to stay together. She also knew that her kids were so impressionable, they needed a dad around. At one point in the season, she said she would do what she needed to have Kody at her home.

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As for Janelle, she had two sons who were out in the world. Gabe was in college and had a girlfriend. She knew he was not going to stop seeing her and she did not expect him to. As for her son Garrison, he had moved home after he finished the National Guard. He was working and saving money for a home and was just a little shy of his down payment. Kody maintained that the boys were too social. By Season 16, he wanted them thrown out of the home as he deemed them a risk to everyone.

Kody Brown Wants Boys Kicked Out, Janelle Steps In [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
Janelle refused and said she chose them over Kody. This shocked him and he would not even hear the boys out when they pleaded with him. They wanted their family and their father back but he just heard disobedience. This has played over into the one-on-one interview where Kody called out both Christine and Janelle.

‘Janelle’s’ Disobedient Children

Kody Brown addressed the wives’ response to his pandemic rules in the one-on-one. Obviously, Robyn was great. As for Christine, she would not keep any of his rules at all. She maintains that she had kids in other states and she was not willing to choose between Kody and them. Christine explained that she would tell Kody when she was going away and where but also she maintained CDC guidelines. Therefore, she was not being frivolous and wild.

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As for Janelle, Kody feels she was following his rules yet it was her kids who would not listen. Had they obeyed, there never would have been any issues. It seems there was a lot more to it than just following rules. Gabe and Garrison had a lot of deep-rooted issues with their father. The pandemic only exacerbated them and Janelle was willing to fight for her children regardless. This would have come to a head, it was only a matter of time.

Do you think it was fair for Kody to blame Janelle’s kids in this situation or is he being too harsh? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives: One on One next Sunday on TLC.


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  1. Kody was a ass, he had a nanny and her husband at his house and they did not goby the rules and exposed everyone to COVID. Now who is a ass

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