Clare Crawley Has Already Met Blake Monar’s Family?

Clare Crawley, Instagram

Fans of The Bachelorette saw Clare Crawley move fast with Dale Moss. She left the show without giving the other men a fair chance. Those other men included her rumored current squeeze, Blake Monar. Despite a relationship that burned hot, then cooled, then burned hot again, she split from Dale for good and moved on.

The hairstylist started spending time with another one of her contestants recently. Blake Monar went to Bachelor in Paradise and dated Tia Booth before going home alone.  Now he’s been spending a lot of time with Crawley including introducing her to his family. This seems like a big deal to fans, especially since they see him on Instagram with his adorable niece and nephew. Family seems important to Monar.

Clare Crawley, Instagram

The two first met on Crawley’s very short season. She sent him home after the second week. Two days ago, Blake shared a video of the two of them attempting karaoke in the car. He acknowledged in his caption that it wasn’t very good.

Clare Crawley Moving Forward With Blake

A source close to Clare Crawley said things are progressing between the two, but after all the drama, she’s letting it happen organically. They talk every day according to US Weekly.

A source said, “it has been evident to everyone around them how much they bring out the best in each other.” They find Clare very happy and state she is attracted to Blake because he, “values the right things in life.”

The Hair Stylist Regrets Nothing

Clare Crawley said she doesn’t want to have regrets about anything. She said, “I don’t even know — to be honest — if I would have done things differently because I was doing the best I could at the time with the information that I had.”

She talked to the host on the Whine Down podcast. Speaking of Dale, she said she trusted the process. Clare said she believed someone who said they would hold up promises. That person didn’t mean what he said on one knee, according to Crawley.

Clare Crawley, Instagram

Some would say, Clare, should have seen it coming with the speed at which she left with Dale. Clare wanted marriage, and babies right away. Dale didn’t seem to be on the same track as her in interviews.

Their Careers Are Similar

If you scroll through the comments on any of Blakes’ Instagram posts, fans want to know all about him and Clare. One said, “just started following U, love u with my beautiful girl Clare.” The two are a good match career-wise. Blake is the founder of Statum Style a cruelty-free cosmetic line for men and women. Clare is co-owner of Defacto Hair Salon.

What do you think of Clare and Blake? Is this a relationship meant to last? Comment with your thoughts below.

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