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Shanae Ankney For ‘The Bachelorette’? Mike Fleiss Teases Fans

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There’s been a few mean girls on this season of The Bachelor. Cassidy was sent home but that still leaves Shanae Ankney to take over her villainous role. Shanae is not making any friends when it comes to the other women on Clayton Echard’s season of the show. Her feud with Elizabeth continued to heat up and it looks like there’s still more drama to come involving Shanae. Fans can’t wait to see her leave so why in the world would Mike Fleiss tease about her being a contender for The Bachelorette? 

Shanae Ankney for The Bachelorette?

Has a villain on The Bachelor ever been cast as the next lead? No, but there is a first time for everything and fans know in The Bachelor world anything is possible. Mike Fleiss got some fans riled up when he teased about Shanae Ankney possibly becoming The Bachelorette. 

Fleiss went to Twitter to tell fans to be sure and look for a potential contender for The Bachelorette on Monday night’s episode. In another tweet on the same evening, Fleiss said, “Not sure what it is, but there’s something about Shanae that I really like… #TheBachelor.”

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Then, yesterday Fleiss went back to Twitter to say, “Isn’t it possible that Shanae is simply misunderstood?”

Is he joking or is he really campaigning for Shanae to be the next Bachelorette? Fans did not react well to his taunting.

Fans did not like Fleiss’ tweets

Many fans immediately commented on Mike Fleiss’ tweets saying he better not be considering making Shanae The Bachelorette. One fan said, “Not a good look. This comment, whether a joke or not, is disgusting!”

Of course, everyone is extremely upset that Shanae was making fun of mental health issues. Her initial comments were about Elizabeth and her ADHD. Shanae was insensitive and outed her to the rest of the house.

Another fan said, “Like that she makes fun of people with ADHD? Do better.”

While many assume it was a joke from Fleiss they feel it was in poor taste and he should think before tweeting.

The responses continued with letting Fleiss know how distasteful his comments are. Many fans vowed to boycott the show should Shanae really be selected as the next lead.

So far, Clayton doesn’t seem to be seeing what everyone else is in regards to Shanae. Will he open his eyes soon?

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