Exclusive: Is He Beat? Tony’s Rain-Soaked Paydirt on Next ‘Gold Rush’

On the next Gold Rush, water and the annoyance of weather are at the forefront of miner Tony Beets’ mind. When it rains, Beets cries poor as the flow of work halts and the grousing—Dutch-style—begins.

Tony’s losing gold-rich pay from the wall cut through his only running wash plant, Mike’s trommel, but heavy rain is flooding the cut and soaking the pay. Tony likens the pay to building materials like cement, and if you have ever lifted a bag of dry cement, you know this is not an easy job.

In TV Shows Ace exclusive clip, we see that the Dutchman and his crew are moving this “wet cement” which means they are not processing gold.

Now, Tony is working against stacked fuel costs, labor costs, and time, as the gold mining gods give him the business this season.

The rain needs to end for Tony Beets.

Water has been an issue for Tony Beets and his crew the entire season. This episode follows last week when a broken trommel plate put a massive dent in the day’s pay and gold tally.

Tony is driving a colossal dozer and is not happy he is dealing with rain again. But, he says: “We can get it [pay dirt] to the feeder that’s about it when it turns wet. We are pretty much trying to move wet cement around. That’s how bad it gets sometimes.”

His son Michael explains the situation. “It’s hard to get in and out of the cuts because it’s so slippery it costs a lot of time, and so it costs Tony a lot of money.”

Tony won’t quit and adds: “Yeah, it’s p***ing the rain again, so give it a couple of hours and everything be a soup bowl again that we gotta deal with it once and for all. Try and make a little ditch, so all the water stays on one side. And unless you drain most of the cut,
we’re going to pump all the water out, and we’re going to put a proper drain in the cut so we can actually get our pay [dirt] out of here.”

What is happening so far on Gold Rush?

Rick Ness is far more pragmatic this season as he weighs his options. Pic credit: Discovery

Ness has been going hard to bank 2000 ounces. He shut down his wash plant Monster Red and is in the hole for a couple hundred thousand bucks. Will he find the best paydirt under all the overburden he is slinging?

He believes the pay field is massive, and his team is still behind him at Rally Valley. Everything is at stake. But the gold mining gods seem to favor the hardworking Ness this season.


Gold Rush airs Friday at 8 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

In addition to watching the series on Discovery, viewers can check out new episodes each week on DiscoveryGO. Additionally, viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #GoldRush.

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