Judge Demands Erika Jayne To Hand Over The 1.4M Jewels

Judge Demands Erika Jayne To Hand Over The 1.4M Jewels, She Refuses?

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The drama relating to RHOBH star Erika Jayne continues, relating to jewels bought by her estranged husband, Tom Girardi. A federal court judge is demanding she hand over the $1.4 million diamond earrings. Though these are part of her estranged husband’s chapter 7 bankruptcy, Erika refuses to give them up.

Judge sets hearing for Erika Jayne over jewels

RHOBH star Erika Jayne doesn’t want to give up the fancier things in her life, including $1.4 million in jewels. The judge has n0w issued a hearing for Erika, 50, to convince the court why she shouldn’t have to hand them over.

Judge Demands Erika Jayne To Hand Over The 1.4M Jewels
Erika Jayne [Image ErikaJayne/YouTube]
After Girardi was forced into bankruptcy last year, a trustee was placed to take control of his finances. Meanwhile, his clients are claiming that the lawyer had taken them for millions of dollars. In fact, the once-respected lawyer’s firm reportedly owes $101 million to various creditors. Recently, the court allowed some of the clients he allegedly stole from to go after his estranged wife Erika Jayne.

Newly filed motion revealed diamond earrings purchased illegally

Now, the federal court judge presiding in the case demands that all parties attend court on February 15. This move comes after the trustee in the suit had demanded that Erika hand over the diamond earrings.

Judge Demands Erika Jayne To Hand Over The 1.4M Jewels
Erika Jayne [Image Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen/YouTube]
In a newly filed motion, the trustee claims that Girardi, 82, had paid for the earrings with money from a Girardi & Keese client trust account. At the time, the jewels were said to be worth $750,000. Meanwhile, it is further alleged that Girardi covered his tracks with sneaky accounting. According to the trustee, the retired lawyer purchased the earrings from M&M Jewelers for the RHOBH star. Meanwhile, the earrings were allegedly to replace a similar pair stolen from their home in 2007.

Legal documents stated that Girardi had concealed the theft by describing the purpose of the check on the GK Rezulin Trust Account Ledger. In fact, he allegedly stated that this was a “cost” item of the Rezulin mass tort litigation. Meanwhile, Girardi noted that the payee was “M&M” with no further explanation.

Erika Jayne refuses to give the jewels up

The trustee has stated that Jayne has refused to hand over the jewels, despite numerous demands that she do so. Her attorney, Evan Borges, represents that the diamond earrings and all other jewelry are the possession of the reality TV star. He further stated that the jewelry will remain in Erika’s possession at least until the issues regarding the items are resolved. The motion continued, stating that the trustee had subsequently written to Borges again.

Meanwhile, the document demands that Jayne must turn over the diamond earrings to the trustee. However, Borges has insisted in a separate filing that the RHOBH star had no knowledge of her former husband using client funds to purchase the jewels. As noted by Page Six, the attorney claims that Jayne is completely innocent.

The document continued, stating that not even the trustee alleges that Jayne knew the source of the funds. She knew nothing of the fact that her wealthy husband used the funds to purchase a gift of earrings 15 years ago.

The case continues in federal court on February 15, 2022.

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