ANOTHER ‘Amazing Race’ Team Almost Takes An Embarrassing Record

akbar amazing race 33 ep 5
Nick Davis


Episode 5 of The Amazing Race‘s 33rd Season premiered yesterday and was full of blood-pumping challenges. This leg of the race once again was run through Switzerland. This puts this season at a very unadventurous 2 countries in 5 episodes. The fact that it is the show’s first COVID season means this may be the lowest number of countries in any race in the show’s history. Regardless, 6 teams began this leg and 6 teams will be running the next leg. It was a non-elimination, and a nearly-disastrous one for Arun & Natalia as well. They almost took home a record nearly as heartbreaking as the one Michael & Moe took home in the previous episode…

Episode 5 Recap

The episode began with a bungee jump that may cause people who fear heights to have a second-hand panic attack. It is the highest bungee jump in Europe and it is no joke at over 600 feet. After that, teams raced to complete either a sausage-making challenge or a wine and chestnut-carrying challenge that involved 400 brutal feet of stairs. Ryan and Dusty took home the first place prize once again. At this point, anyone not expecting Ryan and Dusty to make it to the finale are kidding themselves. Lulu & Lala, previously a fairly weak team, pulled out a surprising upset this week and took 2nd place.

sherri amazing race 33 episode 5
That tiny blip is Sherri doing the highest bungee jump in Europe

Arun & Natalia sadly haven’t been able to pull up out of their nosedive. Once again, navigation is their enemy, and they took last place behind Akbar and Sherri.

Arun & Natalia’s Near Disaster

Arun & Natalia were incredibly fortunate to find a non-elimination leg. They are the only other returning previously-eliminated team aside from Michael & Moe. To see both eliminated teams going home once again back-to-back would be a somber ending to this Amazing Race first. Not to mention, it would give Arun & Natalia a record similar to Michael & Moe’s after their second elimination.

Michael & Moe became the first team in the history of the show to be face elimination twice in one season without a single successful pitstop completed. Arun & Natalia almost became the first team in the history of the show to face elimination twice in one season without successfully completing more than 1 leg each time.

Thankfully, they will not be going home with that title. But they are not out of the woods, yet. They have a setback going into the next leg. If they can’t pick up their performance in next week’s episode, expect them to join Michael & Moe once again. The Amazing Race airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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