An ‘Amazing Race’ Team Makes Embarrassing History

Nick Davis

The Amazing Race has made history in Season 33 for a number of reasons. It’s the first season to endure a year and a half long pit stop and keep going. It’s the first season to have 4 teams all leave in a single episode. And it’s also the first season to bring teams back in the same season they were eliminated. Bringing back eliminated contestants is a twist that has been implemented multiple times by the race’s fellow reality competitions Big Brother and Survivor. To many, it seemed like something that would naturally be implemented into The Amazing Race at some point.

This makes the season a fascinating one for long-time fans. It’s a season that has been forced to implement a number of never-before-seen twists at the behest of coronavirus. Regardless of the context behind the twists, it is just interesting to see how they play out. Already, these twists have resulted in another never-before-seen first for the show. But while the other twists are game-changing and interesting. This one is making history for all of the wrong reasons, and it’s more than a little embarrassing for the involved team…

A Sad Milestone

The two lucky returning teams of Season 33 are Moe & Michael and Arun & Natalia. They were the first and second teams eliminated in the pre-COVID episodes, respectively. The departure of Arun & Natalia was particularly sad since they had done well in the race in the 2 legs prior, and seemed to simply have an unlucky stretch when they were ultimately eliminated. Moe & Michael, on the other hand, seemed lost the entire first leg where they finished last and were eliminated.

That “lost” feeling continued for the duo in this most recent episode. They started fairly strong but proved in the end that their elimination in the first leg was no fluke. They finished last once again, and once again were eliminated. And that loss cements them as a legendary team in the halls of The Amazing Race flukes.

Up there with Claire of Season 17’s famous watermelon to the face video. Moe & Michael are the first team in the history of The Amazing Race to be eliminated on the first leg they ran… Twice. It’s a tragic title for the duo to take home after clearly being very passionate about running the race. But at least they stand out. Right?

michael and moe amazing race 33

A Different Kind Of Season

The Amazing Race Season 33 is a new era for the show. There will certainly be other firsts for the show as the season progresses. Only four episodes have aired so far, so it is anyone’s guess what else is coming. There’s no doubt to that fans that watching a show centered around traveling the world navigating it post-COVID is a source of endless entertainment.

The Amazing Race airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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