‘Yellowstone’: Why Do These ‘1883’ Stars Refuse To Rehearse Together?

Yellowstone: 1883

Two of the major stars in the Yellowstone prequel 1883 have spoken out on why they refuse to rehearse together. Meanwhile, the latest prequel for the popular show is turning out to be a major hit with fans of the original show. Read on to find out how two 1883 stars prepare for their roles in the series.

Yellowstone prequel 1883

The Yellowstone prequel 1883 is becoming a huge hit for fans of the original Paramount Network show. The new series features the Dutton family as travel with their children from Texas to Yellowstone for a brand-new life. Somehow, people can relate to John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) ancestors as the series heads back more than 130 years. In fact, it turns out his great-grandparents are a well-matched pair indeed.

Yellowstone: 1883
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1883 stars Tim McGraw as John’s great grandfather, James Dutton, and his wife Margaret Dutton is played by Faith Hill. In an interview, the two main characters shared why they refuse to rehearse together for the show. They also explained how they go about preparing for their roles in a separate way.

Away from the series and in real life, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are happily married. In fact, the couple’s excellent on-screen chemistry is a true representation of their real life. However, the Express reports that the couple admitted to not wanting to rehearse together before filming a scene.

Difficult to film intimate scenes together

According to Faith, she found it particularly difficult to film “intimate scenes” with Tim. She explained that she is a “very shy person in that situation.” In one particular scene, James and Margaret are taking a bath together. Faith explained that why she obviously feels comfortable with her husband, doing this for the camera felt different. She said that for intimate scenes, she feels they belong to her and Tim.

Yellowstone: 1883
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Apart from that scene, the couple explained that they don’t rehearse together. Faith admitted that they have made it a point not to work on their scenes together until they are actually on set. This is because they don’t want the scenes to come across as too rehearsed. Faith added, “It’s important that we react to one another naturally as characters, not as husband and wife.”

Meanwhile, Faith’s husband, Tim, said he loves working with his wife, even if it does mean they had to rehearse separately. In a separate interview, the actor said he cannot imagine spending five months apart while filming the series. He said as they are working six days a week, he couldn’t imagine Faith not being there with him.

Yellowstone: 1883
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While McGraw and Hill have previously featured in various movies and TV series, 1883 is their first onscreen role together. Meanwhile, the happily married couple (since 1996) is also known for their contributions to country music.

For those who have yet to watch the spinoff, 1883 is currently streaming on Paramount Plus.

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