my 600 lb life dolly martinez

‘My 600-Lb. Life:’ Can Dolly Martinez Get Her Life Back?

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During tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life viewers are introduced to a young lady named Dolly Martinez. Can Dolly make the necessary changes to get her life back? Will Dr. Now help her? TLC dropped a preview of tonight’s episode on Instagram just a few hours ago. Here’s what we know about tonight’s episode.

my 600 lb life dolly martinez

My 600-Lb. Life: Dolly Martinez Story, Sneak Preview

As we previously reported, fans have reason to believe My 600-Lb. Life might be getting canceled in the near future. The network has not been giving exclusive sneak previews of the episodes to media outlets. Likewise, TLC isn’t dropping a trailer teaser for the new episode until hours before it airs on television. Likewise, TLC also isn’t dropping information on the episode via the schedule on their website until the very last minute.

‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Getting Canceled?

According to the trailer TLC dropped on Instagram just two hours ago, tonight’s episode introduces us to a young woman named Dolly Martinez. Dolly is a 25-year-old woman that lives in Texas with her mother. The preview reveals Dolly has a three-year-old daughter. And, she appears to be extremely close to a friend of hers who is also overweight.

The preview kicks off with Dolly, her mother, and her friend grocery shopping. Dolly admits pretty early on in the store that walking around and shopping is hurting her back. She explains to the camera she chooses stores such as this one because they have chairs and tables she can utilize if she needs to sit down for a minute.

my 600 lb life dolly martinez

The sneak preview from tonight’s episode also reveals that despite her young age, her weight is causing some severe health issues for Dolly. These health issues include the need to be on oxygen.

Her Mother Calls Her Food Addiction ‘Sad’

Dolly’s mother describes her daughter’s addiction to food as “sad.” Her mother admits food addiction is really like a best friend for her daughter Dolly. It is a friend that never talks back and always gives her exactly what she wants.

Dolly’s best friend explains she and Dolly bonded instantly. Being overweight, she admits they just got each other in a way someone who was smaller would never understand. Dolly’s friend tells the camera it isn’t easy being overweight. She adds there are people around every corner quick to remind her she’s a big girl.

dolly martinez

My 600-Lb. Life fans can’t help but wonder if her friend might join her on her weight loss journey so they can shed some pounds together.

The caption of the preview for the new episode on Instagram asks if Dolly Martinez will be able to shift to healthier choices to save her life. Tune in to the new episode tonight to meet Dolly and watch her journey with Dr. Now’s assistance on My 600-Lb. Life.

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  1. I do not think Dolly will follow the program. I think she needs a lot of psychological help. Just how she never thinks about her decisions, nor the consequences from them. She doesn’t even take care of her own child, changes addresses as fast as she does guys. Not being judgemental, just stating a fact from the evidence available. She kept saying she didn’t know what happened when getting her weight taken, and all the hard work she had done, while eating food not approved. Everyone thinks the surgery is a quick fix, but it is not, it is a lifestyle. I hope she will grow up and leave her precious mom in peace. She has suffered enough. Stop the excuses, and do the freaking program. If no one has any sympathy or empathy for Dolly, it is her own fault.

    1. If as you say at the beginning of your comment, Dolly needs psychological help, surely that has to be addressed before she can get with the program? Who are we to judge when we don’t know all the facts?

  2. Dr Now waits to long to get these people mental help. Dolly will not make it she is her own worst enemy and her support systems is zero. I pray I’m wrong

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