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‘600-Lb. Life’: Dr. Now Whips Ontreon With Savage, Silver Tongue

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Dr. Now was the real star of tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life as he continued to whip Ontreon with his savage and silver tongue during every appointment. The TLC physician made it clear pretty early on that he wasn’t buying all of Ontreon’s talk. And, he was quick to shut his new patient down and put him in his place during every appointment.

Warning: Contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life


My 600-Lb. Life: Dr. Now whips Ontreon

According to fan chatter on Reddit, viewers are in agreement tonight’s episode was pretty mild and boring. Viewers hope the series turns things around with more interesting episodes soon. Now, fans do appreciate not watching the cast member and their support person travel to Texas to see Dr. Now, but they did not care for this episode either. Fans admit they would prefer to see happy episodes with people who are actually motivated to lose weight.

Ontreon Shannon - Dr Now - my - 600 lb life

Alternatively, fans are also open to chaotic and dramatic episodes. A boring episode with supportive family members and an unmotivated person who doesn’t lose a single pound, however, is not what fans want to see.

Dr. Now, however, did a pretty good job of saving tonight’s episode with his savage and sassy silver tongue.

What savage things did the doctor say?

During one of his appointments, Ontreon Shannon’s wife Musa did not couple with him. Dr. Now almost immediately asked who the young woman with him was. And, he questioned where his wife was. Dr. Now said: “Where is your wife? Did she give up on you?” The TLC physician knew his patient’s wife had little faith in her husband.

When Ontreon Shannon talked to Dr. Now about not understanding what happened and claimed he didn’t understand overeating, the doctor shut it down too. He asked the patient: “Is someone else eating for you?”

my 600 lb life ontreon shannon

At one point in time, Dr. Now tells Ontreon Shannon to stop talking. He makes it clear he’s done talking to him and he just wants to speak to his wife because he knows she’ll answer the questions honestly. So, he proceeds to ask the wife what Ontreon Shannon is doing and why he isn’t losing weight.

When Ontreon Shannon struggles with his weight, he admits he had a few cheat days. Dr. Now tells his patient it was obvious he had a few cheat days. He tells Ontreon Shannon he didn’t need him to admit to cheat days because the scale told him all about the cheat days. Dr. Now also tells Ontreon Shannon there is no magic in his office that will help him with his weight loss.

By the end of the episode, Dr. Now tells Ontreon Shannon there is no point in him coming back. He points out that if he ever decides to wake up and start trying he’s welcome to give him a call.

my 600 lb life ontreon shannon

My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 11 featuring Ontreon Shannon’s story airs tonight only on TLC. Viewers with a Discovery+ account can watch the episode early via the streaming library. Previous episodes from Season 10 are also available via Discovery+.

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