‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Getting Canceled?

My 600 lb Life: Dr Now

Is TLC’s hit series My 600-Lb. Life at risk of getting canceled by the network? Rumors are swirling TLC may decide against picking the series up for Season 11. Why do people think Dr. Now’s series is getting axed? Is there anything to back up this cancelation rumor? Let’s dive in!

My 600-Lb. Life cancelation rumors swirl

According to chatter in Facebook fan groups, the lawsuits against the production company and Dr. Now are seriously piling up. The pile is becoming so hefty that there are rumors the network may be gearing up to cut ties with the series for good. Is the litigation from past cast members becoming too steep to keep the show rolling?

TLC has seriously dialed back the promotion of the series

TvShowsAce has provided pretty heavy coverage of My 600-Lb. Life Season 10. One thing we’ve noticed is the network has seriously dialed back the promotion of the series for the last few episodes. Typically, the network would release an exclusive video clip (or even two) to various media outlets. The outlets write up a piece and share the exclusive clip.

For the past few episodes, there have not been exclusive previews the day before the episode. Moreover, the episode titles and synopsis on the TV guide have lacked the name of the cast member. According to chatter on Reddit, viewers had no idea what the name of the cast member for last week’s episode was until the morning of the day the episode was slated to air.

My 600 LB Life - Dr Nowzarden TLC - Youtube
My 600 LB Life – Dr Nowzarden TLC – Youtube

Exclusive previews were happening at the beginning of the season. Likewise, the TV guide included a specific synopsis including the cast member’s name for the current episode as well as the next two new episodes.

My 600-Lb Life canceled? Dr. Now is getting up there

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan was born on born October 11, 1944. That makes the Iranian-born American vascular surgery and bariatric surgeon 77-years-old. As we reported about a year ago, Dr. Now is no stranger to being reported dead. Because of his age and popularity, Dr. Now is an ideal victim of death rumors.

The TLC personality, however, takes pride in living a pretty healthy lifestyle. He has posted photos and videos to confirm he hits the gym and that he makes good food choices. Given his age, however, it wouldn’t be unfounded for the network to be pulling the plug on the series. Dr. Now’s sassy and snarky responses to cast members are a huge part of why fans enjoy the show. So, the series likely wouldn’t have the same sparkle if Dr. Now was replaced with another physician.

Is ‘My 600-lb Life’ Dr. Nowzaradan Dead? Instagram Post Scares Fans

Presently, My 600-Lb. Life being canceled is nothing more than a rumor. TLC, however, has yet to confirm if the series would be returning for Season 11. Do you think the series will come back for another season? Or, has this show finally run its course? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. I think 10 seasons is a good run for any program and as stated Dr Now is getting up there in age. I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t return though I would like to see one more

    1. The latest patients on the show have been totally horrible especially Dolly which seems to have mental disorders
      They need to chose better people for the CC show
      This season has been awful

  2. This season is the worst and good if being canceled. We are no longer watching after last night. Waste of time

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