Janelle Brown Free At Last, Living Her Best Life With Kids

Janelle Brown Free At Last, Living Her Best Life With Kids [Screenshot | YouTube]

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is finally free at last. She is living her best life with her kids like Christine is, except that she’s still married to Kody. The TLC star is free to travel and see her kids as she pleases. That is not the case on Season 14 of the show, which was filmed at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kody Brown and his wives are at odds. They argued over his strict COVID-19 rules. As fans know, Kody had a long list of rules for his wives and kids to follow. Understandably, they didn’t want to follow the rules. Even Janelle told Kody like it is, especially when it came to the holiday season.

Janelle Brown is so happy to see her children

On Friday, January 14, Janelle enjoyed her newfound freedom. She shared a photo of four of her kids. Janelle and Kody Brown share six children, Madison Brown, Logan Brown, Garrison Brown, Gabriel Brown, Hunter Brown, and Savanah Brown. Four of them were gathered together at a table at a restaurant.

They smiled with their menus opened on the table before them. Janelle was happy about this mini family gathering. She revealed that it was a spontaneous trip that she and her daughter had planned. This shows fans that Janelle is finally enjoying her freedom as she gets to do what she pleases.

Janelle Brown's Family Photo [Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]
[Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]
Maddie and I had an event with Plexus this weekend in Phoenix. So the boys drove down and we met for dinner 😀,” Janelle Brown captioned the photo. “Happy mama!”

Ironically, Kody Brown thinks he knows what makes his wives happy. But even he says he struggles with plural marriage sometimes. Janelle enjoys the little things in life. She likes to travel and to be with her kids.

Paedon Brown took to the comment section to write, “I’m so jealous!!!” Janelle wrote, “Wish you were here!”

Janelle Brown Celebrates Thanksgiving 2021
[Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]

Sister Wives fans are happy to see Janelle happy

Even though Janelle isn’t in this photo, her happiness is expressed in the post. Fans are happy that she’s enjoying her newfound freedom. She is free to travel and to do what she pleases. She just wants to be with her kids, which makes her the happiest mom in the world.

  • “It’s so nice to see family together and not letting covid control your lives! And so happy you don’t live in fear! Beautiful family!”
  • “Ope, did [Kody] approve that? Was that on his list of things you can do?”
  • “My kids will always come first just like yours, before any man.”
  • “I love seeing you all together!”

One wondered who else was missing from the photo. Another fan joked that Kody wasn’t there. Logan and Hunter were the ones who were missing. Even though Paedon was feeling FOMO, he is Christine’s son. It can be easy to get confused over their kids.

Janelle Brown's Kids [Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]
[Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]
There is also confusion over the timing of the show. Keep in mind, the show was filmed about a year or so ago. The pandemic is ongoing, but the restrictions have eased over time. It’s likely that Kody has relaxed on his rules too.

What are your thoughts on Janelle Brown traveling and spending time with her kids? Are you happy for her newfound freedom? Sound off below in the comment section.

Sister Wives Season 14 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

Chanel Adams


  1. I think Kody is selfish arrogant and self centered. All he thinks about is himself. Everyone can see its about he and Robyn.

  2. Well done Janelle. Kody is a jackass and thinks he knows it all. Has he ever put his kids first? I hope Robyn enjoys all the time she has with Kody now because she is all he wants. Meri keeps hanging in hoping he will want her but it will never happen. Grow a spine Meri.

  3. Meri should leave and have more respect for herself. She is making herself look desperate and weak. Get a real man and a real life. I think she is just hanging in for the TV series.

  4. I am so happy to see Janelle out and about with her family. She may technically still be with Kody but she’s not sitting around waiting for him. She’s living life and I’m cheering her on.

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