Janelle Brown’s Kids Prefer Holidays With Christine Over Kody?

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Previously on Sister Wives, Janelle Brown learned what it would take to get everyone together for the 2020 holiday season. Kody handed out the strict rules his wives and children needed to abide by if they ever wanted to be under one roof again. As for Thanksgiving, Janelle and Christine shared they would not be in town but maybe there was hope for Christmas. Yet, there was a belief that no matter what they did, it would still never be enough for Kody. In a clip for this week’s newest episode, Janelle’s kids rebel against their dad. In fact, there is somewhere else they would rather be for the holidays- and it is not under his wing.

Janelle Brown Handling The Pandemic Her Way

The Brown family really developed a sense of autonomy when they escaped to Las Vegas from Utah as polygamy was considered a felony. Therefore, it was a safer option to leave their single home behind. It resulted in Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn buying four homes in a cul-de-sac. Though unfamiliar, each wife was the head of the home while the children were able to run free.

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The one thing to be noted about Janelle is she loves her children but she thrives most in the work environment. It was Meri and Christine who really helped raise her six children. Once her eldest son, Logan became a teenager, he helped a lot as did all the older kids. Still, the benefit of plural marriage was having other mothers around to lighten the load. When the Browns moved to their most recent destination in Flagstaff, the women were the furthest apart they had ever been. Despite having a been plot of land, Coyote Pass had yet to be built on.

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Sadly, the pandemic came in 2020 and rocked their whole family. They should have been able to quarantine together in a perfect world but their lives were so different. Kody was always with Robyn and did not appreciate the way Janelle and Christine were always traveling. He had rules that went above and beyond yet Janelle was not about to let her kids lose their livelihood. She was adamant that she would choose her kids over a husband any day of the week. Kody did not like that or that their children are standing up to him and would prefer to spend the holidays elsewhere.

Holidays With Christine?

A few clips have emerged for this week’s episode. In one of them, Janelle Brown is trying to explain to three of her six kids what Kody expects of them. They simply don’t care and neither does she. She follows the CDC guidelines but it is just not enough for Kody. Admittedly, this is the biggest hurdle in their entire marriage ever. Currently, Garrison, Gabriel, and Savanah live with Janelle. Garrison’s school was paid for so he has been working and living at home temporarily.

Janelle Brown Credit: TLC

Gabriel is in college with a girlfriend but is deemed too social by his dad. Finally, Savanah is still in high school. Janelle is talking to the kids about Thanksgiving and Christmas and what Kody wants them to do. It is still up in the air as to where Janelle and her kids will be for Thanksgiving so they ask about Christine. She says they will be chatting in a day or two. Those women have hung out during COVID with Christine choosing her sister wife over her husband, with no regrets.

Gabriel suggests they should just be with Christine for Thanksgiving 2020 at this point. He thinks their dad should do his own “bulls***” and they should do theirs. If Christine travels, that would change things but if she stays, they are willing to socially distance. Gabe admits he has been to her house with Janelle saying her kids are very attached to Christine. Christine says Janelle’s kids are “a part of her soul.”

Where will Janelle’s kids end up? Find out on Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.




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