Where Did Tammy Slaton Live Before Leeching On Her Sister Amy?

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Tammy Slaton, star of 1000-Lb Sisters has been seen living with Amy Halterman the whole time she has been on the show. If she isn’t living with Amy, she is living next-door. But, where did she live before she lived with her sister? Keep reading to find out.

Where did Tammy Slaton live?

On 1000-Lb Sisters Tammy Slaton currently lives by herself with her sister in an attached duplex, there whenever she needs help. However, this wasn’t always the case. According to ScreenRant, fans are using context clues to figure out where Tammy lived before. Apparently, she was in rehab and then at her mom’s house.

“[Tammy] was in a rehab. Before that, it was her mom’s,” a fan notes.

So what happened to that setup? Well according to ScreenRant, she ended up calling the police multiple times after claiming her mom was not feeding her enough food. It can be seen in the show that Tammy Slaton and her mom don’t have the greatest relationship. So, this news isn’t too surprising.

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Amy is leaving Tammy behind

Amy Halterman has basically been Tammy’s live-in nurse for the past few years. Even though they were just sharing a duplex, Amy was still basically doing everything for Tammy. This includes grocery shopping for her, coming to check on her, and helping her clean her home.

For a bit, Tammy did have an actual live-in nurse – Nurse Tisa. Nurse Tisa seemed to be great for Tammy at first and really wanted her to get healthy. However, as TV Shows Ace has previously reported, this did not last long after allegations that Tammy abused her and the nurse was forced to quit.

Now though, Tammy is forced to figure things out for herself. Her sister Amy has revealed she is moving away. Not only that but she already has a house. Not to mention, she just recently revealed that she is expecting baby number two, shortly after giving birth to her first son, Gage.

It seems that Amy is going to have her hands more than full between a new house and a new baby. That leaves very little time for her to take care of her sister. It will be interesting to see how Tammy’s care is handled moving forward.

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  1. I’m happy for Amy and Michael. I for one can’t wait to hear more about them and their future. Sorry to say or think this about Tammy but enough is enough.

  2. I’m getting really tried of hearing about Tammy,amy,Chris at least the y did something about their weight, but Tammy she really don’t care, all she cares about is having fun,and she’s the one who keeps calling these guys, one thing I can say is jabba the hut looks better than Tammy, Chris, Amy Michael, Gage go on with your lives and don’t worry about Tammy, she’s going to do what ever she wants, its her lost if she don’t want to loose the weight, God help her

  3. Tammy has became a bitch, hateful to everyone , they all need to let her make it in her own for awhile, she acts like they owe her everything, time for a reality check dear tammy

  4. I agree I get tired of hearing and even seeing Tammy. Tammy acts like a spoiled over grown child when she starts whining. Not only is she a whiny over grown brat she is also an ugly hearted verbal abusive bully not a person a loud mouth bully. I have to speak my mind she is not funny or cute anymore like at the star. If she wants respect she needs to give respect. What a sad n miserable bully. Tammy is not the only person that has had a rough life but she loves to act like a victim. The only victims are her siblings not her.

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