Kody Brown Gets Ripped By Fans As He Accidentally Slips Up

Kody Brown Credit: YouTube

Kody Brown is not winning father or husband of the year after the way he has treated both his children and his wives. He has basically alienated his older children with his beyond strict pandemic rules. At the same time, his wives are feeling the backlash. It got so bad, his second and third wives did not even care to celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 with him. Now, a small slip on the latest episode of Sister Wives has fans and viewers reeling. It is a comment he has been making for a long time but now it waved like a red flag.

Kody Brown- Wannabe Patriarch

When the series started in 2010, Kody acted like he was the prime example of a polygamist father. The cameras showed him greeting all of his wives and his children. Each wife with their kids was a unit to him. Maybe it was because he, his original three wives, and the children all lived under one roof. There was this unification that brought them together and they all took care of one another. It must be noted that his fourth wife, Robyn never lived in the single-family home with the Browns.

Kody and Christine Brown via YouTube
Kody and Christine Brown via YouTube

Shortly after she entered the union, they all headed to Las Vegas where each wife had their own house. It gave them newfound freedom and Kody was not confined to one space. This was where the family became more divided than before. All of the wives started working and manning their own households. Kody was just seemingly there for the ride and stopped by when needed. His temper was consistently out of control as he lacked control. Yet, his life started to change a lot when Meri divorced him so Robyn could marry him.

Kody Brown Credit: YouTube

The purpose was for him to be able to legally adopt her three kids. Through this, his relationship with Meri strained while it only became stronger with Robyn. Viewers saw her as his favorite and it only remained that way. Upon moving to Flagstaff and withstanding the pandemic, this became even more apparent. If there were any doubts, Kody has been caught slipping up with how he refers to his kids. N0w, fans are calling him out on his unkind slip-ups.

Whose Kids Are They?

An issue fans have long been noticing is Kody does not refer to the children as “his” or “theirs” but rather specific wives. He will say they are Janelle’s children or Christine’s but rarely if ever theirs. In the latest episode, Instagram account @sisterwivestlc got a screengrab of Kody talking about Robyn’s kids. Yet, they are not just her kids. He refers to them as “Robyn and our kids.” Fans were visibly taken aback but not surprised at his accidental slip-up. They utilized this time to call the father of eighteen out appropriately.

Credit: SisterWivesTLC IG

“Kody needs to take a long hard look at himself it’s cruel what he’s saying and doing,” one commented. Another added: “So Janelle, Christine, and their kids, Sobyn and OUR kids, dude they all your kids.” The comments did not stop there: “I caught that and was wondering how could he say that what ass kick him to the curb.” Finally, many wondered why Meri and Janelle stayed and furthermore, why Robyn needed a nanny.

What do you think of Kody’s slip and were you one of those who caught it? Let us know and watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.



Amanda Lauren


  1. Personally I think Kody is out of the picture ! Frowning most of the time and has lost touch with most of the family. It’s becoming more clear, I realize it is somewhat scripted, however his so called wives are seeing the light of a new day. My suggestion kody find a hobby, and get on with life.

    1. Kody is a horrible father and husband! He doesn’t deserve respect. The POS doesn’t respect or even cares for all of his kids ! Get rid of him and find great guys for you ladies instead! Prayers for the families! MInus Kody

  2. Why is it safe for him and Robin to go to the mall without mask on but Janelle can’t even have her sons living her home that he cannot go over there and see him because they don’t take seriously but they can go out the Mills malls have their Nanny come in and I heard the nanny has copic now too he’s a piece of shit and these women don’t deserve one man to try and make them happy because they can only make themselves happy he needs to get a life Robin needs to get a life get up off her lazy butt and go to work and support her own household without Christine Janelle and Mary’s money

  3. Kody doesn’t address his other kids as his no their Janelle’s.or Christine’s kids he is not even got nothing that another woman would want ha Meri you messed up divorcing him so he could marry another your crazy for real

    1. U got that rite! Y did Kody ever get into this marriage when he can b equal to all, he can’t! He’s an ass! He never takes fault for nothing it’s always everyone else’s fault! 🤬 I feel Christine is making a smart move!

  4. I think he’s a hideous repulsive man. Any man who thinks he can keep multiple wives is. he’s basically asking them to give while he takes. that’s no husband. Every woman wants to be her husband’s favorite person, so he can only have one if he wants her to feel truely fulfilled, no matter how her brain has been washed towards polygamy. Of course Robyn is excelling. She’s the only one getting that. I wish his other wives would respect themselves and their children an stop letting this sorry excuse for a little boy, let alone a man act like he’s doing them any justice or in any way giving them what they deserve as the wonderful women they are. He’s a disgrace. He doesn’t deserve any woman or child.

  5. I solely agree with Christin when Kody talk crap about her taking their daughter Truley to Utah.While in Flagstaff the whole time you spent little if any time with her. But now that Christine want to move with her you want to jump up like you’re father of the year. Get the hell out you’re phoney you’re full of shit and you have no real concern for your other children so stop with the bull shit!

  6. Kody is a Narcissistic Asshat. The reason he is so mad is the worse thing you can do is walk away from a Narcissist

  7. I personally think plural marriage should be illegal. Period …. end of story. Kody is a NUT BAR…. He is so full of himself. They all should leave him … it is a S I C K way to live. Why does flop head Kody get to sleep around but the others don’t. I hope the 3 women dump him.

  8. Both Kody and Robin are such whiners, they deserve each other. Neither one admits that they are the reason for all their own problems. Kody keeps saying that he doesn’t get the respect he deserves, but respect is earned and he certainly isn’t one to be respected. He is selfish, egotistical and more in love with himself than with anyone else. I can’t imagine what any of those women see in him. I am happy for Christine and Janelle that they have left him, now if only Mari would wake up and do the same.

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