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Kody Brown’s Public Humiliation, What Next?

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Season 16 of Sister Wives has not boded well for Kody Brown. In fact, the last handful of seasons has not painted him in the best light. At this point, he is at odds with his second wife Janelle over how she is raising their children. Christine does not even want to be around her husband and his kids consider him an absentee antagonist. Even his most loyal wife, Robyn has been venting to Meri and Janelle that she has had too much of him. Kody may appear to be extremely arrogant but one can only take so much humiliation especially in the public sphere. So, what is next for the father of eighteen?

Kody Brown-Once In Charge

He never thought he would lose control. When Kody took on a fourth wife in Robyn, it seemed he had completed his family. Unfortunately, the happiness was short-lived when the Browns were forced to leave their sweet Utah home for Las Vegas. It was safer this way to keep Kody out of jail simply because polygamy was considered a crime. This was when it began to fall apart. The four wives had their own homes meaning they were now in control of their families.

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Kody was still in rotation as he had been before but now it was four wives and four homes. He also added two more children to the mix. Viewers started to see how quickly Kody Brown short-circuited. If the family had to go on a trip or anything that involved a timed exit, he was the one to panic. He would start to lose control and bark orders while the wives and kids would just keep it going. His temper was almost eruptive over the smallest inconvenience yet the women were all even-keeled.

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When Kody was ready to leave Las Vegas, he was ready for Flagstaff. It felt more like coercion and not all of the children were game. Some had made tremendous progress in Vegas and wanted to complete their time there. He seemed almost selfish in his demands and never wanted to hear anyone else out. This was when fans really started to turn against him. Then, his wives followed suit and it was true- he was no longer the head of household and it was humiliating.

Humiliating Kody

Kody Brown did this to himself. He made the decision when the pandemic hit that he would be the one to rotate homes. The only house he was not going to frequent was Meri’s. Unfortunately, he did not believe Christine or Janelle were taking it seriously enough. He accused them of traveling too much and having visitors around. Christine had a reason to travel. She was taking Ysabel to New Jersey for her much-needed scoliosis surgery. It was something Kody knocked and actually accused Christine of using as a way to get another vacation.

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She confessed she did not want him to even come because the time apart would be good for them. Furthermore, she said their marriage had been in trouble for a long time and was not functional at all. By November of 2021, Christine announced she had left Kody. As for Janelle, she continued to stand up to Kody and his overbearing rules. She told him she was very careful but some rules made her feel like she was a prisoner. Janelle also was looking out for her kids, two of who were still doing things outside of the home. It came down to her telling Kody to “f-off.”

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Kody wanted to evict their two sons but Janelle’s name was on the lease so he couldn’t. Their son Gabe was ready to have words with his dad. He never saw him fear anything, something Ysabel noted. Suddenly, he was acting crazy and hiding away at Robyn’s. Half of Kody’s family has been honest with their feelings but it’s put him out for public humiliation? What could possibly be next?

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  1. Kody haven’t you ever made mistakes ,everyone forgives u why can’t you forgive Mari she has done every thing for u so u could have the wife u wanted! Your other 3 wife’s don’t want U right know but Mari still does for Pete sake forgive Mari and be back in her life she gave up alot for you Wake Up!

  2. Kody is arrogant, self-centered and paranoid. Public humiliation? He deserves a lot more – especially an abrupt termination of all publicity.

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