They Found Love On ‘Australian Survivor’ And Now They’re Back…

Nick Davis

Australian Survivor is returning with its brand new Blood Vs. Water-themed season this month. The new season sees the return of several fan-favorite players from both Australia and the USA. While most of the cast is yet to be revealed, the ones that have been are adding fuel to the ever-growing hype train of what promises to be one of the show’s best seasons.

Returnees will be bringing their loved ones to the island with them and competing in separate tribes until merge/swap. For most of these loved ones, this will be their first ever experience playing in the show. One couple, however, will bring two Australian Survivor alumni back to the island where they first met…

Survivor Love

The couple in question is Mark Wales and Sam Gash. The pair met on Season 2 of Australian Survivor. They were a tight alliance on the original Asaga tribe and were unfortunately voted out back to back before the first swap. Not long after the season premiered they announced their post-show relationship to their newfound fans.

The deal got even sweeter in 2018 when the two had a child together. Sam gave birth in March of that year and the two named their son Harry Locke Wales. Then in 2019 fans were delighted to see the couple got hitched with great timing just before COVID. Sam recently made a post on her Instagram celebrating her and her husband’s 2nd anniversary. Now if they could both become sole survivor of different seasons, they could officially be crowned the Boston Rob and Amber of Australian Survivor.

Mark Wales

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Hopefully Mark and Sam will have learned from their early boots in their previous season. Certainly the fans are eager to see them become a prominent Survivor power couple. Thus far they have kept quiet about the season, apart from a post each for promotional purposes. They’ll also be starting off the game on separate tribes. Considering how closely interwoven their strategies were to each other in Season 2, there’s no telling how this may change each of their approaches.

Only a handful of other players from the season have been revealed thus far. Two of them are Michael Crocker, famous in Australia for his time playing professional rugby, and his wife Chrissy. The other two are the queen of Survivor Sandra Diaz-Twine and her daughter Nina Twine. Off of the reveal of these 6 tribemates alone this is already shaping up to be a season of tough bodies and tougher minds.

Australian Survivor: Blood Vs. Water premieres its first episode on January 31st.

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