Sandra Makes Her ‘Survivor’ Return Down Under

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Sandra Diaz-Twine is arguably the most iconic player to have ever hit the Survivor beach. She was the first contestant to ever become sole survivor twice. A title she held alone for a decade until Tony Vlachos picked up his second win at the beginning of 2020. Her more recent attempts at picking up a third win have been… Unsuccessful, to say the least. It’s difficult to make your way to the end, or even past the starting line, once you’ve accrued the type of reputation for strategic and social talent that Sandra has.

She hasn’t given up hope of becoming the first three-time winner yet, however. Later this month, we’ll get to see her newest attempt at cementing what the fans already know. Which is that she’s one of the greatest Survivor players of all time. But this go around, she’s bringing a secret weapon…


Sandra Is Back

That’s right. Sandra is back with her 5th attempt at taking the Survivor crown. And for the first time, Jeff Probst won’t be there to see her win or snuff her torch. Sandra will be playing Australian Survivor. The highly successful Australian version of the show that’s going on its 8th season this year. If you’re a fan of American Survivor, this show comes highly recommended by all long-time fans who have been watching. Many hardcore fans of the show even say Australian Survivor is the superior version at the moment with its focus on intense physical challenges and the de-emphasizing of advantages that have severely saturated its American counterpart.

So this version of the game will feel far more reminiscent of Sandra’s first two seasons she ever competed in. Which were the seasons she dominated. That equals a lot of potential to see the “Queen of Survivor” re-ascend to her throne once more. The most recent 2 seasons Sandra played were Season 34: Game Changers and Season 40: Winners At War. Both times she was cut down in the pre-merge before getting much of a chance to play as a result of the large threat she posed being the only two-time winner at the time both seasons were filmed. Hopefully, Sandra will get the opportunity to shine this season. And she’ll have family there to make things more interesting, as well.


Blood Vs. Water

The theme of this season of Australian Survivor is a fan-favorite theme from the American version. Blood Vs. Water. A theme that involves pairs of family members being separated into two different tribes. It adds an interesting layer to the pre-merge as tribes are constantly monitoring which of their tribemates have their family still left on the other tribe. It poses a major strategic threat to think an ally could team up with a family member on the other tribe and completely switch allegiances.

Sandra’s bringing her daughter Nina Twine to compete in her first-ever season of the game. Together they may be an unstoppable duo, or the threat her mother poses could see Nina having her time in the game cut tragically short.

Nina Twine, daughter of Sandra

Australian Survivor: Blood Vs. Water premieres on January 31st.

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