Ariana Madix Claps Back At Fan, Claims Heavy Edits Happened

Ariana Madix Claps Back At Fan, Claims Heavy Edits Happened [Credit: BravoTV/YouTube]

Ariana Madix is clapping back at fans once again. She’s addressing the scenes that took place on Vanderpump Rules Season 9. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she fired back at the drug accusations. Some fans assumed that she was under something harder than alcohol at her epic birthday party.

Now, viewers are expressing doubts about another scene. The Pump Rules Instagram page shared a clip of Tom Sandoval sharing his design ideas for Schwartz & Sandy’s. He’s opening the new bar with Tom Schwartz. Sandoval thought that the venue looked “very unassuming,” so he came up with his own plan.

Fans in doubt over Tom Sandoval’s design plans

He wants to be very involved with the process. However, he didn’t remember how much the design plans cost. Of course, Lisa Vanderpump wanted the numbers. She’s a restaurateur so she knows what she’s talking about. Sandoval said he doesn’t remember numbers, which gave fans doubts.

Sandoval pointed at the ceiling and said they plan on lowering it. He pointed to another area as he revealed that they will include a “lounge area with six booths.” Vanderpump told her husband, Ken Todd, that she wouldn’t lower the ceiling. Rather, she would “Maximize it.”

[Credit: Tom Sandoval/Instagram]
[Credit: Tom Sandoval/Instagram]
She was also concerned with the archway. That’s when Vanderpump asked Sandoval how much that project alone could cost. Sandoval claimed that the bar owners would “lose a lot of money.” This scene made it look like that he had lots of ideas for their bar, but he didn’t have a proposed budget in mind. When it came to numbers, Sandoval couldn’t give an exact figure.

Vanderpump had a feeling that Schwartz and Sandoval were “in over their heads.” Fans also had their doubts about the guys opening a business. They’ve already been questioned over their ability to operate a bar on their own. Some fans feel that Schwartz and Sandoval could use Vanderpump’s help.

Ariana Madix explains that scene

Ariana Madix claims that the scene is not what it may seem. She explained that Sandoval had a professional design team. The Pump Rules star defended her boyfriend, claiming that he’s on a budget. She also blamed the producers for making the scene appear that he had grand plans but no budget.

“What an interesting edit to cut out the actual designers who were there and make it look like Tom is doing it,” Ariana Madix commented on the clip.

Some fans defended her. They called out the show for being “edited to spin a narrative.” However, one fan noted that the designers’ names and professional titles flashed on the screen.

[Credit: Tom Sandoval/Instagram]
[Credit: Tom Sandoval/Instagram]
“And yet, their renderings, samples of materials, and budgets we all saw are magically not in the show,” Ariana responded.

Yet, fans couldn’t help but fire back at the reality star. Another suggested that the designers were advised to do whatever Sandoval and Schwartz wanted them to do with the place. At that point, Ariana had enough. She fired off at that particular fan, claiming that heavy edits occurred.

“Girl. Stop,” Ariana wrote. “You don’t know them or the Toms. i know all of them. why do ppl insist on arguing with me when i’m the one giving you information first hand. you think they are just like sure we will put a dinosaur in the middle and risk our reputation as amazing designers? no. so stop it. [SIC]”

Vanderpump Rules spins storylines?

This isn’t the first time that the show has been accused of spinning storylines. Brock Davies recently slammed the producers for making him look bad on the show. He claimed that they spun the scene where he wanted to throw a surprise wedding for Scheana Shay. Brock asks Lala Kent and Randall Emmett to help him, but he struggles to come up with the money to pay them back.

In May 2020, an editor made headlines after admitting that she edited certain scenes of the Bravo show. She bragged about making Scheana Shay look dumb and boy crazy. VPR editor Bri Dellinger was fired from the show following her shocking claims about the edits. Even with the controversial editor gone, some fans couldn’t help but notice how edited this season appears.

Do you think the show is still heavily edited? Have you enjoyed watching Vanderpump Rules Season 9? Sound off below in the comment section.

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