Ariana Madix Accused Of Drug Use At Birthday Party

Ariana Madix Accused Of Drug Use At Birthday Party [Credit: Ariana Madix/Instagram]

Ariana Madix got lit at her birthday party. The latest episode of Vanderpump Rules showed her celebrating her 36th birthday. Her longtime boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, planned the entire celebration. She thought he was just going to take her out to dinner.

So, the reality star prepared for her special day. Ariana didn’t want to eat as much as possible. She wanted to save up her appetite for her birthday dinner. Little did Ariana know, Sandoval had a special night planned. He took her to a trippy haunted hotel that looks like it would make Stassi Schroeder very happy.

Vanderpump Rules star takes a drunken tumble

Ariana Madix was surprised to see her friends, loved ones, and castmates at her surprise birthday party. She got into the mood and drank as many shots a possible. In her confessional, Ariana said that she didn’t eat before the party since Sandoval told her they were going to dinner. Unfortunately, he didn’t serve her a birthday dinner.

While Ariana was feeling hungry, she still drank as much as possible. She loved the way that Spicy Dumplings tasted at that moment. Ariana is seen dancing, laughing, and screaming the night away. She is so drunk that she slips at the bar, falls on the floor, and spills her cocktail.

Ariana Madix's Birthday Party [Screenshot | Bravo TV]
[Screenshot | Bravo TV]
But she just sprang back up again as if nothing happened. The next thing fans know, she enters a tiny room and screams about the drama between Charli Burnette and Raquel Leviss. Regardless, Ariana is having a good time at her birthday party. It’s probably the first birthday that she hasn’t had to share with Stassi. Despite the drama, Ariana revealed that she’s there to have fun.

She then saunters up to Sandoval, Katie Maloney, and Tom Schwartz. The three are discussing business things, as usual. Ariana tries to soften things over by offering to do suggestive things to Schwartz and Katie. Some fans wonder if Ariana enjoys kissing people’s butts — literally and figuratively.

Ariana Madix was accused of popping Molly

During the latest episode of Pump Rules, Ariana shut down rumors about her drug use and relationship with Sandoval. One fan thought she was doing more than just taking shots. They said her behavior was similar to someone on Molly.

“I feel like Ariana was on Molly at that party,” the fan said.

“Nope,” Ariana Madix responded.

Meanwhile, other fans slammed her boyfriend. They speculated whether Ariana was only with Sandoval for business reasons. The couple has their Fancy AF Cocktails brand. For some reason, the fan slammed Sandoval’s obsession with makeup.

“Being with Sandoval at this point must be a business deal or a kidney you may need?” one fan wrote. “Girl there is no way you stay with a man who wears more makeup than you.”

[Credit: Tom Sandoval/Instagram]
[Credit: Tom Sandoval/Instagram]
“There’s not one true word in your entire tweet,” Ariana replied.

What are your thoughts on Ariana Madix’s birthday party? Do you think it looked like fun? Do you think she was under the influence of something else? Sound off below in the comment section.

Vanderpump Rules Season 9 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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  1. In a Reddit thread written by the owners of the Mad whatever venue claimed that Brock dropped a suspicious baggy and handed whatever was in it out to cast-mates.

  2. It’s always about Sandoval. He is rude and thinks he is the only person on the show. Get over yourself- you are not liked.

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