Jim Bob Duggar Trying To Distract From Jana’s Legal Troubles?

Jim Bob Duggar, Jana Duggar

Could Jim Bob Duggar be trying to take the attention off his daughter, Jana amid her legal troubles? It looks that way. Read on to get all of the details.

Over the past month, Duggar fans and critics have heard all about Jana’s child endangerment charge. The eldest Duggar daughter allegedly fell asleep while babysitting Josh and Anna’s children. Their 23-month-old daughter, Maryella, was found in the road.

Fortunately, no children were harmed. But it was certainly a scary situation, as Jana herself admitted. This news broke days after Josh’s guilty verdict, though the incident was in September. So, the Duggar family has received lots of criticism in recent weeks.

Now, it looks like Jim Bob could be attempting to take some of the heat off of Jana amid the latest update in her child endangerment case.

Duggar Family Official Facebook (KW Jim Bob Duggar)
Duggar Family Official Facebook

Did Jim Bob Duggar plan a distraction after Jana’s guilty plea?

On Wednesday, the news broke that Jana had pled guilty. Many news outlets covered that update, putting a lot of attention on the Duggar daughter.

Interestingly, the day after the news broke that Jana had pled guilty, Jeremiah Duggar announced his engagement to Hannah Wissmann. On Reddit, Duggar critics are discussing the announcement and its oddly specific timing.

One user commented on the post about Jeremiah and Hannah’s big announcement, writing, “The day after Jana pleaded guilty…” Another user teases, “There’s no time more romantic.”

Others are beginning to speculate that Jeremiah and Hannah will tie the knot around the same time as Josh’s sentencing, which is a few months away. A specific date for the wedding hasn’t been announced, and the sentencing date isn’t confirmed yet either.

There’s been heavy speculation that Jim Bob has some sort of control over what his kids post on social media. While it’s unclear if this is true, the timing of Jeremiah’s engagement post seems suspiciously timed with when Jana’s guilty plea news broke. Of course, it could just be a coincidence. Maybe Jeremiah and Hannah did actually get engaged the day after his sister pled guilty.

So, do you think that Jim Bob Duggar is trying to take the attention off of Jana right now? Or do you think that Jeremiah Duggar’s engagement came at an oddly convenient time? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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