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Jim Bob Duggar Controlling His Kids’ Social Media?

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Could Jim Bob Duggar be in control of his kids’ social media accounts? The Duggar father might have a say in what the kids post and when they share their photos online. A recent post from one of Jim Bob’s kids sparked some questions and prompted a conversation about who’s really behind the posts.

Jim Bob Duggar
Duggar Family Instagram

On social media on Monday, James Duggar shared a new Instagram Reel. A Reel is a short video that often includes popular songs. James made a Reel of his family’s holiday decorations, including a nativity scene and a huge Christmas tree. He also showed a view of the Duggar family’s property in Arkansas, which has been lightly dusted with snow.

Along with the video, James added a Christmas song and wrote that he’s “Feeling in the Christmas Spirit. 🌲🎁”

James Duggar Instagram
James Duggar Instagram

While fans might think James came up with the idea to share this post himself, that may not actually be the case.

Is Jim Bob Duggar behind his kids’ Instagram posts?

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball reveals that several sources have told her the truth behind the Duggar kids’ Instagram posts. She writes:

“Jim Bob Duggar controls the kids social media & even will tel them what to post according to multiple sources I’ve spoken to. The propaganda isn’t that it’s Christmas. It’s that they are a good Christian family & trying to appear more main steam with the tree. They are also likely trying to show to their loyal groupies that they are unbothered.Jim Bob uses his kids to get messages out. His favorite person he uses is Jessa.”

It’s worth noting that many of the Duggar kids have been keeping quiet lately after Josh was found guilty. So, it’s possible that Jim Bob wanted James to share something light and simple that wouldn’t be controversial.

Keep in mind that this is all from sources, so it hasn’t been confirmed. But it’s possible that Jim Bob tells his kids what to post and when to share it. James’ recent post might be an example of how he makes it happen.

So, does it shock you that Jim Bob Duggar might be in control of his kids’ social media accounts and posts? Do you think James Duggar’s recent post is actually from Jim Bob? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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