‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Margaret Johnson Gives Fans New Love For Dr. Paradise

margaret johnson - my 600 lb life

Dr. Paradise makes an appearance during tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life featuring Margaret Johnson. On Reddit, those who have already seen the episode agree tonight’s episode did the therapist a great deal of justice. Unfortunately, fans don’t get to see Dr. Paradise nearly as much as they see Dr. Now. But, tonight’s episode definitely left them wishing they could see him more often.

Warning: Contains spoilers for My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 10.

margaret johnson - my 600 lb life

Dr. Paradise handles Margaret Johnson like a BOSS

In fan chatter on Reddit, those who watched the episode on Discovery+ agree Dr. Paradise handled Margaret and her mother Millie like a boss. He instantly zoned in on the fact that Millie referred to her 35-year-old daughter as a baby. Millie pushed back arguing that Margaret would always be her baby. She doubled down noting she was her youngest child and all her children were her babies. Dr. Paradise was quick to point out that her daughter was 35 and the word “baby” suggested a lot of care was needed.

Margaret Johnson my 600 lb life
Margaret Johnson my 600 lb life

After talking for a while, Margaret becomes pretty hysterical. Millie’s instinct is to comfort her daughter. Dr. Paradise encourages her not to. Margaret explains why crying that they already took food from her as one of her comforts. Now, she believed they were trying to take her mother too. Dr. Paradise reassured her that he was not taking her mother away. He, however, thought it was important for her to be more independent.

Margaret Johnson becomes so upset that she rises from the bed and exits the room to deal with her emotions. Dr. Paradise notes how interesting it is that Margaret got up and removed herself from the situation. He tells Millie it is important for her to let Margaret learn how to self-soothe.


My 600-Lb. Life: She continues therapy

At first, Margaret Johnson did NOT want to go back to Dr. Paradise. But, she listened to Dr. Now and went back to see him again. She said the session went much better. Dr. Paradise was careful to reassure her that he wasn’t taking her mother. He just wanted her to grow a bit as an independent woman.

margaret johnson - my 600 lb life

On Reddit, fans admit they loved seeing the way Dr. Paradise took charge of the situation. Fans agreed Margaret and Millie really needed this intervention from a therapist.

This episode of My 600-Lb. Life airs tonight only on TLC. Those with a Discovery+ subscription are able to watch the episode early as it drops into the streaming library in the morning the same day it airs. Previous episodes of My 600-Lb. Life are also available via Discovery+.

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