‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Margaret Johnson: Dead Or Alive?

margaret johnson my 600 lb life

Tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life leaves viewers wondering if Margaret Johnson is dead or alive. This storyline was a real doozy compared to the rest of Season 10 as it kicked off with Dr. Now meeting his newest patient at the hospital. Why was Margaret in the hospital at the beginning of the episode? Is she dead or alive? Keep reading for our 2022 update on where she is right now.

Warning: Contains spoilers for My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 10.

margaret johnson my 600 lb life

Why did the episode start with her in the hospital?

Dr. Now comes into tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life straightaway. He explains that Margaret fell and struggled with her breathing. Both Margaret and her mother Millie were worried she had suffered some sort of heart attack. Margaret Johnson ended up spending the next few weeks in the hospital because she also had an infection in her leg. They were able to treat it with antibiotics.

During the first 12 minutes of tonight’s episode, she was able to lose 67 pounds. She lost this much weight so quickly because being confined to a hospital bed forced her to be on a very restricted diet that was controlled by Dr. Now. The TLC doctor, however, made it clear it was important for her to continue to lose weight this way when she returned home and had more freedom with her food.

margaret johnson my 600 lb life

So, is Margaret Johnson dead or alive?

Margaret Johnson really struggled during her episode of My 600-Lb. Life. But, she was able to push through to the point of getting approved for surgery. Viewers, however, could not help but wonder if the bizarre relationship between her and her mother would cause her to backslide. Likewise, viewers also worried about the continuous infection in her legs.

margaret johnson my 600 lb life

After some deep diving into obituaries for women named Margaret Johnson… We do not believe Margaret is dead. while her Facebook profile is pretty locked down, it has only been a couple of days since she last updated her profile picture. So, fans can take comfort in knowing she is not dead and very much alive as of January 2022.

Do you think Margaret Johnson will have continued success on her weight loss journey? Were you worried if she was dead or alive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

margaret johnson - Millie Johnson ymy 600 lb life

This episode of My 600-Lb. Life airs tonight only on TLC. Those with a Discovery+ subscription are able to watch the episode early as it drops into the streaming library in the morning the same day it airs. Previous episodes of My 600-Lb. Life are also available via Discovery+.

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  1. She is very much alive. Both her & her mother have been on FaceBook all day blasting people who left comments on a private 600 lb life discussion page. They are as usual are playing a blame game along with the woe poor pitiful me game.

    1. Dr Now had to keep tell her and millie about Margaret’s hygiene? I never seen the mom attempt to shower her. I know that house smelled.😳😵🤢🤢🤮

    1. This Lady is such big cry baby. Her Mother needs let her live her life.plus Margaret needs get her life together.

  2. Margaret Johnson is the biggest crybaby I have ever seen on ” My 600 Pound Life ” . Most of the time people like that have this problem because their mothers have made them so dependent on them, they can’t do ANYTHING on their own. They are terrified of the world and everything in it. She is no exception. Dr. Paradise recognized this immediately. Another thing, why in the world don’t these people believe in wearing drawers??? Who want’s to see their nastie’s exposed to the camera and the world? Not I! For Heavens sake put on some underwear, even if you have to sew two pairs together. Be a human being!!!!

    1. You are absolutely correct why does she cry all the time
      Give her a pacifier maybe she will shut
      She’s the worst I have ever seen
      I seriously feel no she has a mental disorder

    2. To me I saw (munchhosin syndrome by proxy) that relationship is definetly sick. Margaret is treated and acts like a 4 year old baby.she is obviously been a prisoner of her mother since a child.social services should do something.

      1. Bro 😂😂😂 it’s Munchausen and it’s when a caregiver makes up fake symptoms or causes real symptoms to make it look like the child is sick. This is NOT that. They’re both immature & codependent

  3. This girl desperately needs help. I kept thinking the same thing she’s such a big baby. Her mother even calls her baby. Very very sad situation great I hope she can overcome her demons. I hope dr. Paradise is not give up on her and I hope she does not give up on seeing him because she needs him and more importantly she needs the Lord.

  4. This poor woman needs our prayers not our criticism. What is wrong with all you nay sayers? Yes there is some possible disfunction in the family dynamic. But gosh people, you should walk a mile in Margaret’s shoes long before you criticize the poor woman or her mother.

  5. There is definitely serious mental illness going on with this toxic mother-daughter duo. If I heard Mommie Dearest say “we” one more time … gah! I am absolutely shocked that she managed to qualify for surgery but I have little to no hope she will be successful. And for pity sake, will someone please clean that filthy house!!

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