‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Margaret Johnson 2022 Update: Where Is She Now?

margaret johnson ymy 600 lb life

As My 600-Lb. Life fans finish Season 10, Episode 10, they wonder if there is a 2022 update on Margaret Johnson and where she is now. With her mother Millie having such an integral part in today’s episode, some fans also wonder where Millie is and what she’s doing now. With such a common last name, Margaret Johnson is not an easy person to track down on social media. In fact, there are dozens of women with that name residing in the state of Texas.

margaret johnson ymy 600 lb life

After some deep diving, we at TVShowsAce were able to locate both Margaret Johnson and her mother Millie’s Facebook profiles. Using these profiles, we were able to get little 2022 updates on these lovely women and where they are now.

Warning: Contains spoilers for My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 10.

How much weight has Margaret Johnson lost?

By the end of her episode, Margaret Johnson had dropped from 750 pounds to being under 600 pounds. Margaret and her mother celebrated as losing nearly 200 pounds opened the door for her to have weight loss surgery. Dr. Now had serious doubts about Margaret and her mother Millie because of their co-dependent relationship. So, he set them up to receive therapy from Dr. Paradise.

Dr. Paradise immediately honed in on the strange dynamic Millie and Margaret shared. While he admits there is nothing wrong with them being close and having a loving relationship, her use of the word “baby” made him uncomfortable. Her first session with Dr. Paradise doesn’t go well when she immediately breaks down after feeling like the doctor is trying to take her mother from her.

margaret johnson - Millie Johnson ymy 600 lb life

My 600-Lb. Life 2022 Update: Where Is She Now?

Unfortunately, both Margaret Johnson and her mother Millie have pretty locked-down profiles. Other than updating their profile pictures, the only thing someone who isn’t friends with them can see is when they share a public post. Margaret, however, did post a selfie as her profile picture back in September of 2021 that looked pretty similar to what she was wearing and how she looked toward the end of the episode. So, one might speculate she had her surgery during the month of September.

Millie Johnson my 600 lb life

If it has really been five months since Margaret Johnson had her surgery, how much weight has she likely lost since then? While her 2022 update on where she is now involves a lot of assumptions, Margaret has likely lost between 150 and 250 pounds since the show finished production. This is assuming it has been five months and assuming she’s stuck to her diet. This would put where she is now with her weight loss in 2022 somewhere between 440 and 340.

margaret Johnson my 600 lb life

As long as Margaret Johnson continues to stay on her diet (and exercises as much as possible), she should be able to reach her weight goal of 200 pounds in the next five to eight months.

This episode of My 600-Lb. Life airs tonight only on TLC. Those with a Discovery+ subscription are able to watch the episode early as it drops into the streaming library in the morning the same day it airs. Previous episodes of My 600-Lb. Life are also available via Discovery+.

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  1. I hope she stuck to her diet and is feeling much better now. I think her mom is a flawed woman but a great mom in her heart, and Margaret has lots of emotional issues but seems like a really good person. I think the biggest obstacle for both mom and daughter to overcome is that I think mom likes taking care of her daughter like a baby, and Margaret enjoys the attention she gets from being treated like a baby.

    I really wish them both the best in the future.

  2. I’ve never said this before about a mother and daughter but their relationship seems very odd. I recall the dog with his head under the blanket near her body and it din’t bother either of them. Very strange mother and daughter indeed.

  3. They were separated and Margaret was alienated from her mother. The joy they have to be back together is totally real and understandable. I’m happy for them in every way and they are blessed. Together they can accomplish anything. Of course our children are always our babies. We love them more than ourselves. We want them to be their best selves so they can have have a good life. It doesn’t always work out that way. They were lucky.

  4. I’ve never seen anything like that before. their relationship is totally odd. she definitely is not a baby apart from her demeanor that is.
    crazy childish outbursts every time she is not getting her own way. this is one 600lb’er I did not like at all.

  5. OK, let’s leave out the fact that everything they did was way over the top. When her mother saw her weight loss at Dr. Nows she started hollering and crying getting that fat Margaret all worked up all over again. She is emotionally stunted and when Dr. Paradise says she needs to get some space from her Mother she flips out not just an upset lunatic. Screaming, crying- she is real good at that -got so far out of hand the Mother was fanning the flames she is sick too. When she went back for the endoscopy she got her worked up and said “Just because I left your Daddy not you, OK, OK??” on and on. I felt bad for Dr. Now having to deal with these histrionic women what a mess!!! and those people who know them you are not helping them by praising this dysfunction, shame on you.

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