‘Sister Wives:’ Kody & Robyn Brown’s Glaring Scowls Go Viral

Kody and Robyn Brown scowl feature

Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown’s glaring scowls go viral. There has long been speculation that Kody only wants to be with Robyn. Now, there’s speculation that Robyn makes the rules. Keep reading to find out why their scowls are viral.

What’s Up With The Sour Faces Of Sister Wives Stars

Season 16 of TLC’s hit show Sister Wives sparks many conversations among fans. The speculation is likely in part because just a few weeks before the premiere, Christine and Kody Brown took to their respective social media to announce that Christine was leaving. Now, fans are seeing what likely led up to the split. Fans may be having revelations about the Brown family because what they see on the show was probably filmed more than a year ago.

Kody and Robyn Brown
YouTube TLC Sister Wives

Another fan speculation is that Robyn Brown contributed to why Kody and Meri Brown are having marital problems. Now, fans even speculate that Robyn came between Kody and Christine. So, is this what has Kody and his fourth wife wearing nearly matching scowls?

Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Brown’s Glaring Scowls Go Viral

On Reddit, fans post a side-by-side photo of Kody and Robyn Brown. The looks on their faces are less than pleased. The caption for the first one says, “Wow if looks could kill Christine would be dead.”

The photos look like it’s from one of the picnic table conversations from this season of Sister Wives. Nonetheless, Redditors don’t have anything kind to say about the duo.

Kody and Robyn Brown scowl 1

One viewer writes, “That’s his usual look as of late!! He’s a spoiled entitled brat who is pouting and throwing a temper tantrum because he isn’t getting his own way!!”

Kody Brown Reddit comment 1

Another view writes this of Robyn, “And by the way, Robyn looks miserable, but she always just looks this way now. She always puts on these sad clown eyes…”

Robyn Brown Reddit comment 1

In another meme, Robyn and Kody Brown are next to Grumpy Cat. The caption asks, “Who wore it better?”

Kody, Robyn Brown, Grumpy Cat

From the looks of the comments on this thread, Grump Cat stole the show. However, another entertaining string of comments suggests that the only reason the father of 18 is making that face is that he needs to “take a really big sh*t.”

People Really Don’t Like Sobbyn Robyn

A third Reddit thread features just Robyn. The replies to this photo don’t hide people’s dislike for Kody’s fourth wife.

Robyn Brown stabbing chair with pen

Sarcastically, one Redditor writes, “You guys, she’s just sitting there trying to do everything she can to keep the family together. Which no one else seems to care about as much as she does. Gosh! /s”

What do you think about Kody and Robyn Brown’s matching scowls? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. My sister and I watch this show from day 1 to present..
    We keep saying leave meri … good for you christine ❤❤ Janelle they are just using you and meri for money
    All 3 wives just leave them .. kody isn’t coming back to you .. even your kids say this .. they got there eyes wide open what is going on ..

    By the way ladies meri Janelle christine do you watch this show and see Robin and kody the way they treat you??

    Now my sister and I agree with this 1 .. all the kids but Robin’s… meri Janelle and christine kids should get together and go after kody for children support !! They don’t need mom’s support understanding.. see your kids know it was all there mothers who support them $$$ and love … kody was never there .. hell take show / tape whatever and show to judge .. the children will get there money from kody …

    Meri Janelle and christine teach kody and Robin a lesson !!

  2. Look this entire family started falling a part when Robyn entered the picture. When Meri was asked to divorce Kody so Robyn could be his #1 legal wife . Meri fireworks should have went off as well as the rest . Meri should have stopped kissing Kodi ass an said NO. All they put her through no wonder she went looking for someone else. Kodi wants 1 wife Robyn the sooner Janele, Meri realizes that the happier everyone will be.

  3. TLC needs to cancel the show. Then make 1 with the 3 other wives. Not have Robin, or kody in it. Hopefully the others will follow christine out of the marriage. Kody said he was done with plural marriage.
    Robin does he best to keep kody away from his children and wives. Why he didn’t go with to his daughter surgery. Claims her kids can’t be away from him. Yet his other kids are alot longer. Snobby robin even made christine daughter scar about her kid.

  4. Cody and Robin run the show the other three wives have had to take a back seat. I am so grateful that Christina got out but because of Robin and Cody’s actions It’s really hurting Cody’s children. If they don’t want to be in a plural marriage then they need to let the other two wives know so they can move on with their lives but the way that they treat them is not the way Christians would treat their spouse oh, it’s really sad to see Cody has neglected his other wives and familys.

  5. As weird as the whole thing is…I have watched.meri divorced Cody so that he and Robin could legally marry to adopt her kids.when plurals don t live together they grow apart.meri doesn’t want to leave as she wants to work it out with cody.

  6. Robyn knows exactly what she’s doing.
    Kody gives her all of the attention.
    Meri, Christine and Janelle should allleave and let them get on with their happy life.
    Kody is a mess.
    He lives off of the money that the wives bring in.
    He would be nothing without them.
    I knew when he divorced Meri to marry Robyn their was going to be a problem.

    1. It’s very obvious what has happened and what is happening…it’s quite the orchestration between Robin and Kody. Robin, an “alleged” actress, is doing her best to deflect her role in this whole mess. We all see through it, sister…you are not a good actress!! Kody is even a worse actor and so incredibly pathetic…it’s sickening! I can’t believe any of them thinks he is a man??? What a joke! He lives off his wives…he’s an extreme narcissist and so self-absorbed it’s nauseating. Even his kids see through him. He’s gross! The three original wives support the family. Robin lives off them, too…and, she has a nanny!??? Are you kidding me!? She has three grown children and two small ones. Why does she need a nanny…especially during COVID…she can’t take care of two kids? It’s ridiculous! So completely ironic! Did not you think what that would look like to the world? You’re both grade A hypocrites! Why such a big house, Robin? Is that really necessary? You’re a spoiled brat who wants show you’re the top dog (bitch). You’re so shallow! The more I think about these two…the sicker I become. Let Meri, Janelle and Christine and all of their kids go on their merry way and be happy. Develop a show around them…we’re more interested in their genuine lives!

  7. CUT CHRISTINE OFF. If she left the family and went on with her own selfish wants … then GOOD RIDDENS. She’s been jealous from the get go. She’s the toxic one.. infecting the rest if the family. Her and Janelle’s kids.. the ungrateful brats they are. Shame on you Janelle.. for not MAKING your kids respect their father. Y’all asked for this lifestyle. Y’all need to suck it up & respect your husband. It can’t be hard… Mary & Robyn can do it CAUSE THEY WANT IT! You want to go to heaven? Uh.. you’re husband always comes before your children. After God but before your children. If you can’t DO THAT.. then GET OUT!

      1. I can’t stand Kody and Robin. I knew there was trouble the second he brought Robin around. 🤮 they’re both sick.!

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