‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Reacts To Kody Friend-Zoning Her

Meri Brown/Kody Brown/TLC YouTube

Sister Wives star Meri Brown reacts to her husband Kody friend-zoning her. Is their 30+ year marriage over? Keep reading for all the details.

Meri & Kody Brown: The way they were

When Sister Wives premiered in 2010, Kody Brown was happily married to Meri Brown. He was also spiritually married to Janelle and Christine, as well. During Season 1 of the show, the family patriarch was courting Robyn, who would ultimately become his fourth wife.

In fact, he later divorced Meri so he could legally marry Robyn. While viewers of the TLC show have watched as Meri and Kody’s relationship deteriorated, the two were once happy together.

Credit: Meri and Kody Brown/TLC YouTube
Credit: Meri and Kody Brown/TLC YouTube

Unfortunately for Kody, it turns out that another of his four wives was also unhappy.

Trouble in plural marriage paradise on Sister Wives

In November, Sister Wives fans were shocked when Christine Brown announced the end of her relationship with Kody Brown. Like Meri, Christine and Kody’s relationship wasn’t going great, but no one expected Christine to be the first to leave the plural marriage.

In a new preview clip, Kody reveals that his relationship with Meri is “not the type where” they talk every day. Does that mean she will be the next wife to leave?

Meri Brown reacts to Kody friend-zoning her

After 30 years together, are Meri and Kody Brown calling it quits? Us Weekly shared an exclusive preview clip of the Sister Wives episode airing on Sunday, December 19.

In the clip, Meri confesses that she’s been feeling “lonely” during the COVID pandemic. Season 16 of the show, currently airing on TLC, was filmed in late 2020 when the family was still quarantining.

The preview clip shows Meri hiking alone in Flagstaff, where the family lives. At several points in the short promo, Meri films herself and directly addresses the camera.

Kody’s first wife reveals that in recent conversations, he has led her “to believe that there’s no repairing our relationship” She summarizes the conversation as her husband saying they are just “friends” now. While part of Meri admits that this is a good thing, another part of her is “very, very discouraged” about her marriage.

However, she’s not giving up. Meri says, “I guess I just have hope for more than that.”

Credit: Meri Brown/TLC YouTube
Credit: Meri Brown/TLC YouTube

To all the people telling her to leave Kody, she says, “Not going anywhere y’all. You’re stuck with me.”

Click here to see the preview clip.

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