Apple Cheeks? Robyn Brown’s Wild Eyebrows And Heavy Makeup

Robyn Brown's Wild Eyebrows And Heavy Makeup [Robyn Brown Via YouTube]

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown had a beauty blunder on the show. Fans couldn’t help but notice her new look during her confessional. Robyn had more makeup on than usual. Fans couldn’t help but notice her wild eyebrows and heavy makeup.

Maybe she wanted to bring back the ’80s look. Or, maybe she went a little too heavy on the contour. Fans picked apart her new look, especially in the latest episode of the TLC show. Read on to learn more about Robyn’s makeup snafu and to see the photo for yourself.

Sister Wives star is blushing in her confessional

On Sunday, December 26, fans took to Reddit to share a screenshot of Robyn Brown from her couch interview. In the photo, she wore a navy blue blazer with a black blouse. She paired her look with her signature gold necklace. Robyn also wore a full face of makeup, which consisted of groomed eyebrows, rosy cheeks, dark mauve lipstick, and smokey eyes.

Fans couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing more makeup than usual. Was this the work of her makeup artist? Or, did she do it herself and have a beauty blunder? The fan titled the thread: “This blush can’t be a makeup artist’s doing.” Other fans couldn’t help but wonder if Robyn took it upon herself to do her own makeup.

Robyn Brown Via YouTube
Robyn Brown Via YouTube

It’s more than likely she had to do her own makeup. The new season of Sister Wives is focused on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Kody Brown is hammering down on the social distancing rules. He echoed his statements about his family staying apart, even during their 2020 holiday plans.

The cast and crew had to film in safe conditions. So, it makes sense that Robyn and her fellow sister wives would have to do their own makeup. Still, fans don’t think it was a good idea. They feel that the heavy makeup is just aging her a bit.

Robyn Brown gets roasted for her makeup

Fans took to that Reddit to share their thoughts. One fan said that Robyn’s makeup reminded them of “that episode of Friends where Rachel breaks her arm and Ross has to do her makeup for a big event.” A second fan mused that her “makeup is aging her and is so heavy.”

Others joked that Robyn looked like a Mary Kay consultant. There were others who wanted to help the reality star blend her makeup. There’s so much going on in the photo that it’s hard to pick out one mistake. Unfortunately, she was her own makeup person, which is she went too heavy on everything.

Robyn Brown via YouTube
Robyn Brown via YouTube

One fan wrote: “Apple cheeks. She’s the poster girl for what not to do. FashionDon’t. [SIC]”

Another fan accused her of being “too busy typing and coming up with the Covid rules.”

If Robyn did use a makeup artist, they probably directed her virtually. It’s likely the results didn’t come out as she anticipated. Did you notice Robyn’s makeup in her confessional? What did you think of her heavy makeup? Sound off below in the comment section.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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  1. Robyn would have been better to have left off the make up if she didn’t know how to apply it correctly and she should have been woman enough to come close and say my rules.

  2. She’s always broken the rules regarding eyebrow tweezing and it makes me crazy. Makes her look older and geez, I cringe when I see her. Christine is guilty of the same make-up faux pas. Kody needs to get his ego in check, he doesn’t know his children and that is so obvious. I’d be running like he carried the plague.

  3. I don’t think Robyn & Kody realize that everyone knows that Robyn is his favorite! The rules are fine with them because that means Kody is with only her all the time! He doesn’t need anything Meri, Christine or Janell have to offer & they know it!

  4. Robyn looks like crap her makeup is terrible eyebrows are the worst. I can’t stand Robin and her square face. Why does she need a nanny when her youngest kids are 10 years and five. Kody is a piece of s***he is not husband material.

    1. Because she likes to stay up late and sleep in. I can’t remember what season/episode the wives were discussing their sleeping patterns. She’s always had someone helping her, even with just the 2 kids before Sol was born. I think she’s self-centered. Also think she’s a perfectionist and control freak… which is a lot of work and doesn’t leave time to focus on kids.

  5. I am so sick of Robyn, she is pathetic. I can’t be without Kody what a load of crap. These women are stupid Christine is the only one with any brains left. Poor Robyn you make me sick.

  6. I like to build woman up, but this one makes me sick to my stomach and 100% is a homewrecker (gone from trash to treasure over night) !! Her fake “family values” were shining through when Meri sat alone quaretined for 7 months so she could visit, Robyn didn’t make Meri a priority by talking to Kody about it because she doesn’t want her there or any other wife for that matter!!! Claims she didn’t want to make the other wives angry lmao it, yet doesn’t seem bothered by basically calling them bad wives because they chose their children over a grown ass man child 9that DOESN’T choose them!! Worst of all says she can’t be without Kodi that long, all the while is perfectly fine with Christine caring for her child alone because Kodi and Robyn treat everyone (except their iwn household oh and the nanny ;)) like viruses instead of family. As for thr make up, we’ll.. after the narsassist mask is ripped off, it’s pretty hard your true colors LITERALLY! Robyn came in with full intentions to gain from the show, manipulate the wives into believing she’s this emotional, soft woman. Then, BOOM suddenly she’s the got a new famous dad for her kids, a real wedding, money in the bank, all her shitty dept she wracked up paid and the only one having sexy time with kodi. Hmm, that’s suspicious 🤔

    1. Right. Kody and she need to take a lesson from Janel’s sons, who are spelling out the obvious. I love that Janell told Kody and basically robyn to F off. Best line in the show, lately. I can’t blame her after it was stated that Marter, Meri had been social distancing all along and robin prevented her, stilll, from coming over, to share Meri’s husband ooops the husband she stole from Meri and the others… Kody needs to stop criticizing janell’s kids, and take a real lesson from these fine, mature young MEN! Kody certainly hasn’t GROWN UP. I cant stand the way he treats Meri and Christine! I really used to try to understand Kody, and tries ro five this life style an openminded support. I feel its better than secretly cheati ng… . BUT NO…. And no one will believe the lies and manipulation in robin n kody bc they are very, very bad actors, who have shown us that plural marriage IS that dictating disaster that most understand it to be, hence it is illegal.

  7. In my opinion Meri is the one that brought all the drama regarding Robyn to the family as a 4th wife. Then she volunteers a divorce to Kody to appear selfless🤔so Robyn’s kids can be adopted & carry the “Brown” name. Then she starts an affair on the computer with she’s thinking “a man.” That’s stepping out Meri..then wants people to feel sorry cause she was cat fished.😳Kody considered that adultery. He never looked back at her. Everybody looked at Meri as mentally unstable and the trust in every aspect between all the wives had a breakdown. I believe Meri is still there cause the show is a salary for her. She’s reaping the benefits. Christine starts tripping with jealousy over Robyn. Something she has not been able to overcome since Robyn became his 4th wife. She as well as Janelle, run their household and that’s not going to change regardless if Kody was there or not. I respect that. Meanwhile Robyn starts having more kids. Christine becomes more jealous. She acts out for his attention on several episodes. Janelle meanwhile is worried about all the finances. Janelle has never put Kody in the #1 spot in her life. The #1 spot has been her kids. Janelle sees the big picture “the entire family is breaking down” Christine played the Isabel card. Doing Isabel’s surgery right now due to her pain. Good decision Christine. She was thinking oh ya I’m going to take Kody from Robyn because surely Kody is not going to miss Isabel’s surgery. To her surprise! He wouldn’t leave Robyn even for Isabel! That really hurt Christine & Isabel. He’s tripping! His extreme fear of coronavirus has clouded his brain! Kody feels so out of control cause all the wives have gone rogue! He doesn’t have the head seat of 4 wives anymore. He’s a polygamous man with only one wife that is submissive. Whether Robyn is his favorite wife or not people should quit hurting Robyn’s feelings with all this pettiness. She’s who she is. Her makeup?? C’mon man. In these treacherous times were facing? Although “A Nanny?” nah…that’s an extra expense that could be put towards Coyote Pass! Go Janelle! You’re my favorite independent wife, mom and woman!

  8. She looked pretty bad. But what I really noticed was her thick, creased neck and her permanent frown. Her profile looks like that of an 80 year old woman without her dentures in. She looks old beyond her years. Is something wrong with her, physically? Someone mentioned thyroid issue?

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