Spanish Crime Series ‘Money Heist’ Takes Netflix No. 1 Spot

Spanish thriller series Money Heist takes the Netflix no. 1 spot

Netflix has had a year of foreign smash hits and now a Spanish thriller series Money Heist takes the number 1 spot. This follows South Korea’s Squid Game and France’s Lupin, which have attracted millions of viewers from around the world. What is it about this Spanish language series that makes it so good? Read on to find out.

Money Heist takes No. 1 spot on Netflix

Netflix has had an incredible year for foreign smash hits including Squid Game from South Korea and France’s Lupin. Both were among the streamer’s biggest and most successful projects yet. Millions of viewers from around the world were glued to the screen as they gathered momentum.

Spanish thriller series Money Heist takes the Netflix no. 1 spot
Money Heist [Image Netflix/YouTube]
On top of these smash hits, another international series has zoomed up the charts to Netflix’s top spot. Hailing from Spain, Money Heist (AKA La Casa de Papel) is a crime thriller series that originally aired on the Spanish network Antena 3 as a limited series. The story came in two parts, with 15 episodes airing between May and November 2017.

However, eventually, Netflix grabbed the streaming rights for Money Heist. It did so well that the series was renewed several times, adding four seasons to the series’ original run.

USA Today quotes the show’s creator, Alex Pina, as saying that they didn’t even create the show for Netflix, so it was a complete surprise. He added that the level of success the show reached “happens only once in a lifetime.”

Spanish thriller series Money Heist takes the Netflix no. 1 spot
Money Heist [Image Netflix/YouTube]
Over the course of five seasons on Netflix, Money Heist has repeatedly reached the streamer’s Top 10 list. However, it has happened once again, firmly cementing its place as another great hit for Netflix.

What is the crime thriller about?

For those who have not yet binged the series, Money Heist is a crime thriller drama. The series focuses on a group of eight people recruited by a man known as “The Professor” (Alvaro Morte). He has come up with a plan to steal more than $1 billion from the Royal Mint of Spain.

In their signature Salvador Dalí masks and red jumpsuits, they attempt to steal that incredible amount of cash. Meanwhile, along the way, the group takes almost 70 people hostage. They then go head-to-head with the police, along with other thieves, as they try to get out alive with their booty.

Netflix series Money Heist
[Image Netflix/YouTube]
Part 5, Volume 2 of Money Heist premiered on December 3, bringing the series to a thrilling end. Season 5 was different from previous seasons, as Netflix decided to give it to fans in two, five-episode runs. For instance, Volume 1 was released on September 3. Previously, the streamer dropped all episodes of each season at once.

Right now on Rotten Tomatoes, Money Heist holds an impressive 92 percent Tomatometer score. The show remains one of many foreign language hits on Netflix and is exciting, unique and unpredictable to watch. The trailer for the final volume of the fifth season is included here.

Readers, have you watched all five seasons of Money Heist? Let us know your thoughts on the series by dropping a comment below.

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