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Has Tammy Slaton Met Her Match With Nurse Tisa?

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Tammy Slaton is infamous for her sassy attitude and stubbornness when it comes to her weight loss journey. 1000-lb Sisters Season 3 is airing new episodes right now and this year, we’ll see Tammy struggle with a home healthcare nurse. Has she finally met her match with Nurse Tisa?

The new home healthcare nurse will push Tammy Slaton this season

On the most recent episode of 1000-lb Sisters, we saw Amy Halterman put out a help wanted ad for a home healthcare nurse. Even after a stint in rehab, Tammy just doesn’t seem motivated enough to lose weight on her own or even do basic tasks for herself. Amy has her own family to take care of and decided it’s time to hire help.

“I wouldn’t say I’m excited to have a stranger in my house, going through all my things. But it might be nice to have someone to talk to and to kick it with,” Tammy admitted.

Enter Nurse Tisa.


In teasers for the next episode, we see Nurse Tisa ask Tammy if she wants to have a salad. The TLC star definitely does not want that.

“Tammy and Tisa are having a discussion about the meal prep, but Tammy of course has to give her an attitude,” Amy said in exasperation. “The whole idea of getting a home health nurse is to make lives easier for Tammy and me, but if Tammy and Tisa can’t get along, there ain’t no way for this to work.”

But Tisa is definitely going to push back. Tammy Slaton very well may have met her match here.

“Once she gets mad like that, and she don’t have the things that she wants, you gotta kind of push her,” Tisa said in the teaser. “I don’t want her to never say that, ‘I can’t.’ That’s not gonna go. She can do it.”

Tammy Slaton 1000 lb Sisters Youtube
Tammy Slaton 1000 lb Sisters Youtub

Amy couldn’t be happier with this progress.

“Throughout the day there was a little resistance on Tammy’s part, but I think Tisa is the right fit,” she said. “I’m hoping she can help Tammy stay on the right path to the diet and eventually get the surgery. And allow me to take care of my own family.”

Does Amy Halterman enable her sister’s bad habits?

Each season, Tammy Slaton adamantly says she wants to lose weight. However, she keeps suffering setback after setback. Some fans speculate that her sister Amy Halterman is at least partially responsible. Some fan chatter suggests that Amy consistently enables Tammy, such as when she allowed Tammy to leave rehab early and come home.

What exactly do you think of the season so far? Do you think Nurse Tisa will finally give Tammy Slaton the push she needs to get better? Leave your comments below and keep following us online for the latest 1000-lb Sisters news.

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  1. i believe this nurse is perfect for getting tammy on the right path she needs,because seems everytime Tammy throws a attitude everyone backs down or away and gives in to her.and that just gives Tammy in her mind that all she has to do is pout and she will get her,and there she is back to gettin her way,i love her but i too want her to get well,and succeed on her joruney.come on team Tammy,Lets help her with her joruney!!

  2. Hopefully the nurse will show Tammy how the cow eats the cabbage. I think when Tammy comes to realize Nurse Ratchet is not going to back down… she’ll wake up, not totally, but some. Good luck Tisa! ☘

  3. How was Amy going too make Tammy stay in rehab? Tammy is a grown woman that made her own decision too leave. How dare people blame that on Amy. Tammy can’t even call in her own prescription’s, Amy shouldn’t have too do it so Tammy can make YouTube videos. Also, Chris and Amy bought her a table and a hit plate too cool with because she couldn’t reach the knobs on the stove and so it gave Tammy more freedom too fix her own meal’s. Tammy has excuse after excuse on why she hasn’t lost the weight. I do hope Tisa does help Tammy lose the weight but, Tammy needs too understanding that Tisa isn’t going too be her best friend, she has too pay for her too be there helping her.

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