Zach Snyder's movie Planet of the Dead is coming to Netflix

Netflix Original: Zach Snyder’s ‘Planet Of The Dead’: What We Know So Far

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Planet of the Dead is a sequel to one of Netflix’s biggest movies of 2021, Army of the Dead. Zack Snyder’s sequel to the action-zombie-horror will take a while to arrive on the streamer. Meanwhile, this marks the sixth project for Netflix from the Justice League director. It is also the third movie he has directed for Netflix. Read on to find out what we know so far about this exciting, upcoming Netflix Original horror movie.

Zack Snyder’s Netflix movie Planet of the Dead

After the major success of his action-zombie-horror movie, Army of the Dead, Zack Snyder is coming back with a sequel. Planet of the Dead will be co-written by Zack Snyder himself, along with Shay Hattan. Meanwhile, Hatten was the writer for Army of Thieves and John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum.

Zach Snyder's movie Planet of the Dead is coming to Netflix
Scene from Army of the Dead [Image Netflix/YouTube]
The official announcement was made by Netflix on November 24, 2021. However, so far, little to no development has been made on the movie project. Currently, Snyder is busy with his next project, Rebel Moon that starts filming in the spring of 2022. Due to this, Planet of the Dead will likely be on the back burner for now. However, some developments are likely to be seen in late 2022.

Meanwhile, with several months to go before Rebel Moon starts filming, there is plenty of time for the screenplay to be written. Also, the scripts and other parts of the development can be carried out in the meantime.

What is the plot of the new Netflix horror movie?

No official synopsis for Planet of the Dead has been revealed so far. However, as it is a sequel to Army of the Dead, What’s on Netflix has some ideas. Fans will remember that Vanderhoe survived the nuclear blast on Las Vegas in the previous movie. This allowed the mercenary to make his way to an airport and get on a plane for Mexico City.

As Vanderhoe is unaware that he was bitten by Zeus, the progenitor of the zombie virus, this could form part of the new plot. He could unwittingly unleash a new zombie apocalypse on the people of Mexico. From there, it could quickly spread all over the world.

Cast members for Planet of the Dead

According to the official IMDb page for Planet of the Dead, only one cast member is confirmed so far. It seems Omari Hardwick will reprise his role as Vanderhoe, even though he could be an undead version of himself.

However, according to rumors doing the rounds, it is likely that the fan-favorite German character, Ludwig Dieter, could return. He was last seen in Army of the Dead, sacrificing himself to save Vanderhoe. As it is a zombie movie, after all, he could easily return for the sequel, whether dead or alive.

Possibly release date for the Netflix Original movie

As production and filming have not yet started and are potentially a year away from happening, fans won’t see the movie soon. If filming for Planet of the Dead only starts in late 2022 or early 2023, the movie may only drop in 2024.

Readers, are you intrigued by the sequel of Army of the Dead? Let us know your thoughts about Planet of the Dead by dropping a comment below.

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