The classic Knight Rider is coming to Netflix in December

Netflix To Stream Classic ‘Knight Rider’ Series, Movie Soon

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Netflix has a great pre-Christmas present for any kids born in the early 1980s or before by releasing all four seasons of Knight Rider. Besides the classic NBC series, the streamer will release the movie Knight Rider 2000, also starring David Hasselhoff. Read on to find out more about the release of the classic show, also starring the super-advanced talking car, KITT.

Knight Rider drops on Netflix this December

Anyone born before the early 1980s will likely remember the classic NBC show that aired between 1982 and 1986. The news comes from Netflix’s December 2021 release list, offering a plethora of great bingeing for the upcoming holidays.

The classic Knight Rider is coming to Netflix in December
David Hasselhoff drives a different car these days [Image @davidhasselhoff/Instagram]
The show starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a high-tech, modern crime fighter. Knight fought crime alongside his advanced, artificially intelligent, self-aware and almost indestructible car KITT. Meanwhile, the car that played the role was a black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, with added features. In a trailer, the series is described as, “Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.”

Glen Larson initially created the series at Universal Television. He then went on to work with 20th Century Fox Television after the conclusion of the show. He is also known for a number of great series, including Battlestar Galactica, The Hardy Boys and Quincy.

Interior of a replica KITT
Interior of a replica KITT [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Currently, Knight Rider is available in full on the NBC app and Starz, but will now be available for Netflix subscribers. Meanwhile, the series is unlikely to be dropped by those services in favor of a Netflix exclusive.

How long will the series be available on the streamer?

Currently, it is unclear how long Knight Rider will be available on Netflix. Meanwhile, many shows have been licensed to the streamer for shorter periods in recent years. This is due to the fact that providers want to gain more control over their properties. The best guess is that the streamer will have the series for a year or two, but it could be for a shorter time.

The classic Knight Rider is coming to Netflix in December
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am built to mimic KITT from Knight Rider [Image credit: MovienerdDeluxe/Wikimedia Commons]
Besides the four full seasons of the sci-fi action series, the movie Knight Rider 2000 will also air on December 1, 2021. Originally, it was thought that the movie would drop on Netflix US on November 3.

Possible reboot of Knight Rider?

David Hasselhoff reconfirmed rumors of a reboot of Knight Rider over the summer. The fact that Netflix is releasing the classic NBC series could be part of drumming up interest for just such a reboot.

What’s on Netflix reported the possibility of a new Knight Rider movie back in August 2020. In that case, Spyglass Media and James Wan would be producing, while TJ Fixman would pen the script. If the rumors are true, the latest December release could signal the release of a new Knight Rider movie coming exclusively to Netflix.

In the meanwhile, fans of the popular classic show can start streaming Knight Rider and the accompanying movie from December 1, 2021. No doubt, bingeing the show will attract many more fans of the genre to the popular series.

Readers, are you excited at the news that Knight Rider will be available for streaming on Netflix in December? Let us know by commenting below.

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