Will Netflix renew My Name for Season 2?

Netflix’s ‘My Name’ Season 2: Cancelled Or Renewed?

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The K-Drama My Name has been a popular binge on Netflix, especially with the popularity for the genre on the streaming channel. This is especially so after the launch of the much-lauded Squid Game. However, is the relative success of Season 1 enough to renew the K-Drama series for Season 2?  Read on to find out what is known about a potential second season of My Name.

Netflix Original crime-thriller My Name

My Name is a South Korean exciting thriller series and a Netflix Original show. The series is directed by Kim Jin-Min and written by Kim Ba Da. Meanwhile, Fleet Co. Ltd is the production studio behind the thriller series, which also produced Lucky Romance, My Sassy Girl, and Another Child.

Will Netflix renew My Name for Season 2?
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According to the plot of My Name, Yoon Ji Woo, a member of an organized crime ring, wants to uncover the truth behind her father’s death. To do so, she infiltrates the police as an undercover agent.

Will the K-Drama thriller be renewed for Season 2?

As of the time of writing, there is no news of My Name being renewed for a second season. However, despite the fact that the crime drama hasn’t attracted the same level of popularity as Squid Game, it has been popular in its own right. In fact, the Netflix Original has performed well on the popular streaming channel around the world.

The series has hit the top ten lists in more than 80 different countries while spending a number of days in the US and UK top ten lists. In fact, since Squid Game, the thriller has been the most popular on Netflix in Asia. The series has hit the number one position in several regions, including South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Sports Chosun, lead actress Han So Hee did hint at the possibility of a second season, joking that filming the series helped her push her limits.

What could we expect from Season 2 of My Name?

Admittedly, the ending of Season 1 didn’t leave much room for the second season of My Name. In that season, Yoon Ji Woo had finally exacted revenge on the man responsible for her father’s death. This makes things difficult to continue the story for a second season. In fact, Ji Woo has already accepted the fact that her father played a role in the mob as an undercover police officer. She respects the sacrifices he made in trying to bring down the Dongcheon gang.

Will Netflix renew My Name for Season 2?
[Image The Swoon/YouTube]
However, fans will remember that the person Ji Woo was closest to, Detective Jeon Pil Do, was murdered. Meanwhile, this was also resolved when Ji Woo took down Mujin, the leader of the Dongcheon gang, who was responsible.

However, as noted by What’s on Netflix, there are a couple of ways My Name could continue in a second season. With Cha Gi Ho’s help, Ji Woo could be reinstated in the police, once again working for the narcotics unit. Another route would be for her to follow in her father’s footsteps. She could go undercover for the police, trying to take down another crime ring in South Korea.

Possible premiere date for Season 2?

Meanwhile, if it is renewed, fans can only expect to see Season 2 of My Name on Netflix at some time in 2023. As a reminder for the series, we include the official trailer for the K-drama.

Readers, have you streamed Season 1 of My Name? Do you think there should be a second season of the K-Drama? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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