How Far Along Is Audrey Roloff’s Pregnancy? See Latest Baby Bump! [PHOTO]

LPBW stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff

Former LPBW star Audrey Roloff recently revealed that her third child with her husband Jeremy Roloff is due to arrive in November this year. To add to the excitement, she has now shared her latest baby bump image on Instagram, wearing a bikini.

LPBW alum Audrey Roloff shares baby bump

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are excited about the imminent arrival of their third child. After recently revealing she was pregnant, the former TLC star, 30, shared an Instagram video with the news that the baby is due in November this year. The video revealed the whole family, including Audrey, Jeremy, their daughter Ember, three, and son Bode, one.

After Audrey shared the news that she was now six months along, she shared an image to her Instagram Stories.

In the photo, Audrey can be seen standing in front of a mirror, wearing a floral two-piece bikini, holding her phone and smiling.

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

Audrey and Tori still feuding

It had been an exciting weekend after Audrey celebrated her 30th birthday with her family and friends. Unfortunately, this excluded her sister-in-law Tori and her husband, Zach. However, this was no surprise, as not only did she not congratulate Audrey on her latest pregnancy, but the pair has also been in a long-running feud.

This was made clear in June 2020, when Tori dropped a hint that her youngest child, Lilah, now one, had still not yet met her cousin Bode. Several days later, Audrey seemed to one-up Tori, by boasting about her baby’s milestones.

Now, both Tori and Audrey ensure they do not appear at the same family events and have always celebrated various holidays separately.

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

Tori and her miscarriage

It is easy to understand why Tori is upset with Audrey. She had suffered a miscarriage three months before Audrey shared the news of her pregnancy. Last month, Tori told Us Weekly that they are still hopeful that one day they will get to have another baby. However, she said that until then, they are “just kind of happy where we are.”

Prior to the latest episode of the TLC reality show, Tori, 30, opened up to fans about losing her baby. She captioned an image of a negative pregnancy test, writing, “Today’s hard, I’m not usually a downer, but today’s hard.”

LPBW stars Tori and Zach Roloff with Jackson and Lilah
LPBW stars Tori and Zach Roloff with Jackson and Lilah [Image @toriroloff/Instagram]
Tori continued by writing that she had found out it will be another month of waiting. She said it would be another month of praying. Tori added, another month of telling friends and family, “not yet.” Tori wrote that she really thought she would be pregnant again by now. Many people had told her that after a loss, it usually happens fast, but that is not her reality.

In the meantime, and equally understandably, Audrey Roloff is thrilled about her current pregnancy. Her baby bump image shows just how excited she is about giving birth in November this year.

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