LPBW stars Amy Roloff and Chris Marek

Wait! Who Does Amy’s Fiancé Chris Want To Hang Out With On ‘LPBW’?

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In a teaser clip for Tuesday’s episode of LPBW, Chris Marek says something surprising to Amy. Needless to say, she isn’t that thrilled when he suggests they visit Matt and his fiancé, Caryn, to look at Roloff’s new deck. Will Matt’s ex agree to this unwanted visit to hang out with him and his new girlfriend?

LPBW star Chris asks Amy a surprising question

The relationship between Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler and his ex-wife Amy and her fiancé, Chris Marek, is touchy, to say the least. However, a teaser for the LPBW episode of Tuesday, July 13, reveals something a little shocking. In the clip, Chris suggests that they hang out with her ex-husband, Matt Roloff and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. Obviously, Amy is less than thrilled at the idea of visiting her ex and his new love.

LPBW stars Amy Roloff and Chris Marek
LPBW stars Amy Roloff and Chris Marek [Image @amyjroloff/Instagram]
In the exclusive clip, Chris reminds Amy that when they were over at the MC, Matt had shown them some sketches of a new deck he was making for Caryn. Amy replies, saying she thinks Matt showed Chris, but she wasn’t paying attention.

At this point, Chris shocks Amy by suggesting they “stop by and take a look” at the finished deck if ever they are in the neighborhood. Once the shock subsided, Amy teased him, saying, “Oh, jeez! We’re just, like, best buddies now,” adding that they were “hanging out.”

Amy agrees to the surprising visit

Chris responded to Amy, saying Matt knows he likes that kind of thing. He said he would like to stop by and take a look if she is okay with that. Equally surprising, Amy responds with a simple “okay” to Chris’ question, but nothing more. He then pressures her a little for a proper response and she says, “I guess. I guess we can,” asking if they need to bring anything. She asked if Matt and Caryn were going to serve them “food or anything,” adding that she hopes not.

In a confessional, Amy admits to the cameras that she isn’t a fan of visiting Matt and his new girlfriend. She said that just feels a “little weird” to her and a little too close for comfort.

Wedding bells for Matt and Caryn?

In the teaser for LPBW, Chris tells Amy that he has spoken with Matt about whether he is interested in marrying Caryn. He says they have apparently talked about it a little bit, but he hasn’t officially proposed to her.

Marek then asks his fiancé how she feels about the idea of her former husband getting engaged and she admits she is surprised they haven’t done it yet. However, Amy added that she doesn’t think it really matters what she thinks. Chris rubs her shoulder, comforts her, and reminds her that she has moved on to “bigger and better things.”

About the two LPBW couples

LPBW fans will recall that Amy and Matt filed for divorce in 2015 after a marriage spanning 27 years. The former couple shares Zach and Jeremy, 31, their daughter Molly, 27, and their son Jacob, 24.

It was in 2016 that Amy met Chris at a paint and sip singles mixer and they instantly hit it off. In 2019, the couple announced their engagement. While they had to cancel their wedding last year, due to the pandemic, plans are going ahead in a few weeks.

LPBW stars Amy Roloff and Chris Marek
LPBW stars Amy Roloff and Chris Marek [Image @amyjroloff/Instagram]
Meanwhile, Matt and Caryn, a worker on the farm, announced their relationship in 2017 and so far, there is no sign of wedding bells.

Watch the full teaser clip on People’s website and catch the episode of LPBW on TLC on Tuesday, July 13 at 9 pm ET.

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