Wait! Are Avery And Omar The Top Fan-Favorites From ’90 Day Fiance’?

Avery and Omar 90 Day Fiance

Avery and Omar suddenly seem about as popular as 90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik and her baby, Shai. If you don’t keep up with the couple, you might recall that a lot of fans thought that Avery was a silly teen with an immaturity problem. Hardly anyone believed that she genuinely wanted to convert to Islam, suspecting she just went through a phase. However, the couple endured a difficult time, and these days, they seem like top fan-favorites.

Avery and Omar from 90 Day Fiance initially seemed incompatible

In February this year, the couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary. Who would have thought it would work out so well? Recall, her mom went with her daughter for the meetup in Lebanon. There, she tried talking her daughter out of moving to Syria. Naturally, she felt it was way too dangerous. Well, Avery threw a major hissy fit and stormed off, telling her that just to spite her, she would go there. Well, that never happened and clearly, Omar’s got a bit more common sense. They married but lived apart for a year before they moved to the UAE.

’90 Day Fiance’ Avery and Omar Celebrate 2 Years of Marriage

In March this year, Avery and Omar became excited and she told 90 Day Fiance fans that he aced his visa interview. So they hoped that soon, they’d move to the USA. Well, the move came and these days they stay in New Jersey. Screenrant reported that Avery is studying healthcare administration. Meanwhile. she told fans that Omar spends some time studying to get his dentistry qualification accepted in the USA. In fact, by now, he might already work as a dentist somewhere.

Very popular with TLC fans these days

This week, Avery and Omar revealed to 90 Day Fiance fans that they visit the Bahamas for a summer vacation. In the comments section of their Instagram post, fans talked about how authentic the couple seems. Plus, when 90 Day The Melanated Way shared the post, quite a lot of people wished for a spinoff show for these two. One of them said, “I need this spin-off for real.” Meanwhile, many complimentary comments went their way on Avery’s Instagram.

One fan wrote, “love u guys we want u two back on 90 days show.” Then another one said, “You are my favorite couple on 90 day. You are so beautiful and he is so handsome. Many blessings on you both.” Similar comments rolled in. One of them said, “Absolute favorite 90 days couple of all time. Congratulations Dr. and Mrs. Albakour ❤️.” This comment also showed that they fast become fan-favorites even though they are not on the show anymore: “You 2 hands down are my favorite couple from this show ❤️.”

Avery And Omar The Top Fan-Favorites From 90 Day Fiance
Credit: Omar & Avery | Instagram

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