Katie Thurston Responds To Fan Calling Her Out Over Risque Behavior

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Not everyone is happy with Katie Thurston this season of The Bachelorette. And not just because Chris Harrison isn’t hosting. Some viewers aren’t comfortable with the dating show highlighting how open Katie is with what goes down in the bedroom. She recently responded to a fan who tried to call her out for the risque content. 

Katie Thurston’s Season Gets Real About Intimacy 

The whole premise of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is finding your future spouse. But first, the leads have to find out how compatible they are with the contestants. The dating competition has always leaned heavily into sexy challenges, but Katie’s season takes it a step further. 

Her first impression to viewers and Matt James was her brandishing her vibrator upon exiting the limo during Season 25 of The Bachelor. She gave it to Matt as a gag gift (no pun intended) and to show how unabashedly open she is talking about topics others avoid. 

She must have done something right because ABC tapped her to headline her own season of The Bachelorette after not finding love with Matt James. 

“Sex-positive” is the buzzword of the season, but some viewers aren’t familiar with the term. We explored what the term means. 

Let’s [Not] Talk About S-x, Baby 

Basically, Katie Thurston isn’t ashamed of intimacy, nor does she allow others to shame her. But at least one fan of the show wasn’t afraid to express displeasure over this season’s buzzword. The fan thought it gave a bad impression to younger viewers. 


Katie Thurston shared the comment from the fan and her reply on her Instagram Stories. The fan wrote, “Wish not so much about sex […] not the best role model for 13-17 [year-old viewers].”

The current Bachelorette did not agree with the sentiment. In Katie Thurston’s opinion, the 13-17 age range is “the best time” to open the discussion. In doing so, the adult or parent offers “a safe space” for “guidance and support.” 

Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram
Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram

Since she posted it on her Instagram Stories, there’s no way to tell if the majority of her followers agree or disagree with Katie’s stance.

Bachelor Nation Honcho Discourages Bachelorette-Inspired Drinking Game

The Season 16 buzzword was said so frequently during the last episode that fans got creative. Several of them took to social media to joke about starting a drinking game using the word. Take a drink every time someone says it, they wrote. 

ABC executive Robert Mills caught wind of the drinking game suggestion on Twitter. He strongly discouraged the game with a funny tweet. “ABC in no way condones” such a drinking game, he tweeted. 

If fans are really going to start a drinking game, they may want to imbibe with caution. It seems the buzzword will be around for the rest of the season. 

Do you agree with the fan that Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette is too risque for young teens? Or do you think Katie is correct that opening the discussion at a young age is important? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Keep up with Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette journey Mondays on ABC. 

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