‘Extreme Sisters’ Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled?

Extreme Sisters Anna and Lucy

Season 1 of Extreme Sisters has ended after only 10 episodes, leaving fans with so many unanswered questions. Fans have been left hanging on the edge of a cliff, wondering what happens next to these unusual siblings. Now, viewers are clamoring to know if the show will return to TLC for season 2.

TLC’s Extreme Sisters

The latest unique offering by TLC was an instant hit with fans. Extreme Sisters follows the obsessive relationship between close siblings, making fans wonder where close becomes too close. The sisters share everything from their underwear to their boyfriends, making us wonder if every twin is the same.

So far, there is no official confirmation from TLC about Season 2 of Extreme Sisters, but fans are definitely hoping for this. We all need to know how these close sisters continue navigating through their co-dependent lives. Let’s have a look at the cast members of the TLC reality show and where they were at the end of Season 1.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque and shared boyfriend Ben

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are one set of identical twins that literally do everything together. In fact, they even share the same man. The twins have been with Ben Byrne for 10 years and have finally managed to get a commitment from him for their triple relationship. In the last episode of Season 1 of Extreme Sisters, Ben gave each of the twins an identical ring in three parts, to signify their unusual relationship.


Previously in the season, Anna and Lucy had played with the idea of having his babies. However, managing to get pregnant and give birth at the same time turned out to be a challenge. Now, due to Australian law, the trio is unable to legally marry. They did discuss the possibility of getting married elsewhere in the world where this is legal, but we need Season 2 to find out if that does, indeed, happen.

Extreme Sisters Brittany and Briana

Brittany and Briana are identical twin sisters, married to identical twin brothers, Josh and Jeremy and living in the same home. The sisters originally met Josh and Jeremy at Twinsburg, the annual Ohio Twins Day Festival and instantly hit it off. Soon they were double-dating, then finally married and moved in together.

Extreme Sisters Brittany and Briana
Extreme Sisters Brittany and Briana [Image TLC/YouTube]
In Season 1 of Extreme Sisters, we saw Brittany and Josh have their first-ever solo date away from their sister and brother. It turned out to be as awkward as it sounds.

Christina and Jessica’s struggles

Christina and Jessica are going through their share of relationship problems, with Christina keen on ending their co-dependent relationship. Meanwhile, Jessica is having a hard time accepting this change after being so close since they were young.

Extreme Sisters Christina and Jessica
Extreme Sisters Christina and Jessica [Image TLC/YouTube]
At the end of Season 1, Christina is standing by her decision to pursue other relationships, while not prioritizing Jessica in her life.

Extreme Sisters Patrice and Patrix

Equally, twin sisters, Patrice and Patrix are having relationship problems, trying to balance their relationships. Patrice wants Patrix to follow their childhood dream of moving to Orlando, where she and her husband will hopefully join her. For her part, Patrix is determined to move to Texas to start a new life with her fiancé.

Extreme Sisters Patrix and Patrica
Extreme Sisters Patrix and Patrica [Image @patrix.patrica/Instagram]
How can Patrice retain their sisterly closeness under these conditions? We need a second season to find out.

Brooke and Baylee

Brooke and Baylee also have to make a decision that could potentially affect their sisterhood. As he might have to move out of the state for his job, Baylee’s boyfriend has asked her to move in with him. However, she is reluctant to do so as she has never been far away from her sister Brooke.

Meanwhile, Brooke’s husband, Denver, has had enough of his sister-in-law meddling in their marital affairs. This could lead to an explosive situation between the sisters which can only be followed in Season 2.

Extreme Sisters Brooke and Baylee
Extreme Sisters Brooke and Baylee [Image TLC/YouTube]
So far, there is no news of Extreme Sisters being renewed for Season 2. However, fans must bear in mind that often TLC reality shows become even more popular after the season has aired. If there is enough response from fans, surely the reality TV network will consider renewing the show?

Readers, would you like to see Extreme Sisters renewed for Season 2? Let us know in the comments below.

Anne Sewell


  1. No. The sisters that breastfeed each other’s babies when the babies were many months apart – was extremely gross and unsanitary. The two idiots in New Zealand – they intentionally kept trying to say the same thing at the same time, it was so obvious that it was forced/faked for the camera. The two sisters that had an unhealthy dynamic, well they ALL did but the one where the guy just moved in, the other sister was so incredibly sabotaging that it was terrifying. Finally, the sisters where the one went to TX & became engaged, for the other sister to say she should not move to TX?! Also, there were 8 shows per research NOT 10. Basically, this entire series left a very bad taste in my mouth. I cannot imagine it getting renewed but if it were to be, there is no way on God’s green earth that I would subject myself to another season.

  2. #obsessed #extremesisters @tlc I just remembered that show! It has to come back! I’m dying to see how the psychic twins do.

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