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‘Extreme Sisters:’ Why Do Patrix & Patrica Want To Move To Orlando?

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Fans are truly shocked that Patrix and Patrica of Extreme Sisters now want to move to Orlando. However, throughout Season 1 of the TLC reality show, the sisters had said much they would like to live there when they were small. As one sister is happily married with a family in Atlanta, how could they now make plans to move to Florida?

Extreme Sisters Patrix and Patrica

During Season 1 of Extreme Sisters, fans heard the twins obsessing over the idea of moving to Orlando, Florida. This had apparently been their dream since they were little girls. Even though Patrix and Patrica were living in Atlanta, Georgia, Orlando was always in the back of their minds.

Extreme Sisters Patrix and Patrica
Extreme Sisters Patrix and Patrica [Image @patrix.patrica/Instagram]
Now the twins are in their 30s, they have decided that now is the time to turn their childhood dreams into reality. However, the fact that Patrica is happily married with a family in Atlanta tends to put a spanner in the works. She is now finding herself torn between her shared childhood dream and her family with her husband.

Patrica tells Patrix to move to Orlando

Eventually, Patrica tells Patrix to go and live her dream life in Orlando. She tells her she will join her when she manages to convince her husband to make the big move. This ended up causing a situation between Patrica and Patrix. Soon after Patrica convinced her to follow her dreams in Orlando, Patrix decided to head to Texas. There, she became engaged to her on-again-off-again boyfriend Tony. Patrix then returned to Atlanta and told her sister she is planning to move to Texas to be with Tony.

Extreme Sisters Patrix and Patrica
Extreme Sisters Patrix and Patrica [Image @patrix.patrica/Instagram]
As soon as Patrica heard her sister’s plan to move to Texas, she started worrying about their sisterhood and their dreams of Orlando. She then came up with a plan to get Patrix and Tony married in Orlando. This way, Patrica figured their husbands would see how happy they were and decide to move to Florida.

Fans puzzled by the twin sisters’ plans

Extreme Sisters fans are aware of Patrica and Patrix’s obsession over Orlando, but they still want to know what is so special about the place. One fan tweeted, asking, “What tf is in Orlando that they need to go so bad?” The fan noted that Patrica had only just started convincing Patrix to start a new life.

Another fan wanted to know what is so special about Orlando – asking if it is really a magical place that enchants people. As noted by Meaww, yet another fan asked quite simply, “What is in Orlando?” Naturally, others responded, mentioning “The Mouse.”

Other Twitter followers were somewhat taken aback at how Patrica tries to manipulate and control her sister’s life. They pointed out that one minute, she is pushing Patrix to move to Orlando to find love and follow her dreams. The next, when her sister tells her she has found love and is moving to Texas, she is totally against this. That fan wanted to know if she is mad because she is losing control over her sister and the situation.

Readers can keep up with Patrica and Patrix on Extreme Sisters, Sundays on TLC.

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