Emma Johnston Shares The First Man She Ever Loved

Emma Johnston

Emma Johnston turns 16 this year and her dad Trent won’t let her date until she hits that age. The 7 Little Johnstons star grew a bit alarmed as she and her friend Lucca seemed too keen on each other. Fans saw that play out on the show in 2020. Now, you might think that Lucca’s the first man she ever loved, but you’ll be wrong. This week, she took to her Instagram and talked about it and her dad approved.

Emma Johnston keeps fans amused on Instagram ahead of  a new season

The next season of the show returns on TLC next Tuesday and fans of Emma Johnston are there for it. Meanwhile, Emma keeps her fans entertained with a steady stream of posts on social media. Popular, the TLC star shares about her family as well as herself. Recently, she shared a fun video clip of a snake that Trent found in the yard. Unfortunately, it peed on her and smelled really bad. In fact, she nearly threw up, which made her fans laugh a lot. The snake was harmless though and couldn’t hurt her. Presumably, they later let it go free.

Emma Johnston Makes New Friend & Gets Pooped On

On another occasion, Emma Johnston invited fans to vote on her hairstyle. Fans love that sort of thing as it’s interactive. Five days ago, she shared some photos of herself with her sister as she celebrated a birthday. Actually, it’s not her birthday yet. That comes in November, and no doubt, fans see the festivities for her and her adopted brother Alex. Now, she talked about the first man she ever loved. Trent popped up in the comments as well.

Who was the first man the TLC star ever loved?

On Tuesday, Emma Johnston shared a photo of herself with her sister and her dad, Trent. She captioned it with, “To my dad…” Then the TLC star thanked him for “always caring” for her and her sisters. Next, very sweetly, she told him, “You will always be the first man I ever loved.” As Trent and Amber adopted her, he must feel very touched. After all, she followed it up with, “…the first hand I ever held, and my one and only daddy o’!!” Continuing on, she told her dad that she doesn’t “always say it, but “you are amazing.” In the last sentence, she noted, “Your favorite kid ❤️.”

Trent obviously appreciated the shout-out from Emma Johnston. He replied, saying, “Love you big time kiddo!” One TLC fan felt very moved by the reply and the post. They commented, “brought a tear to my eye’s those girls are lucky to still have there (sic) daddy… mines (sic) been gone almost 15 years and I miss him dearly… God bless.”

Emma Johnston Shares The First Man She Ever Loved
Credit: Emma Johnston | Instagram

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