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Emma Johnston Makes New Friend & Gets Pooped On

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Emma Johnston found something else to excite her apart from the upcoming season of the TLC show. She made a new friend and introduced the family and the dog to it. However, she very nearly threw up as her new friend pooped on her. Actually, the 7 Little Johnstons’ star nearly broke down in tears, which is hardly surprising. Will they remain friends? Would you?

Emma Johnston briefly excited about her new friend

The TLC star shared her excitement about the new season of 7 Little Johnstons that premieres on May 25. She shared a behind-the-scenes photo and explained how excited they feel when they film for the show. The photo revealed her sitting on the couch with Alex. Although not blood relatives, she and Alex seem very close and hang together a lot. In fact, when they took driving lessons, they seemed more like friends than siblings. Maybe she should stick with Alex if she wants a true friend.

‘7 Little Johnstons’ Season 9: Emma Shares Behind-The-Scenes Photo

Emma Johnston also recently shared a  throwback video of herself as a tiny little kid in China. She explained it came around about the time Amber met her over there. Feeling bad about the way the world seems divided and sad these days, she reminisced. Emma said, “Oh… I miss those days!! So peaceful, no quarantine, no COVID, not a lot of hateful [behavior], & not having to deal with [a] face mask!!”  Well, it seemed poor Emma felt really down. Now, after what her new friend did to her she looks really unhappy.

The friend that pooped and nearly made her cry

Emma Johnston shared a photo and a video clip of her new friend. She said that her dad found it. Well, it turns out it was a snake. In the video clip, fans saw that she nearly threw up and almost burst into tears.

In her caption, she noted, “Say hello to my new friend that my dad found yesterday. It’s a nice snake, I promise!! 🐍” Later, she explained that in the video that it “pooped” on her. However, it “peed” instead. Well, if you know anything about snakes, they seldom pee like humans. According to Oddly Cute Pets, poop and pee come out the same hole. The pee is actually a chalky substance very much like poop.

Emma Johnston hated the smell and the website explains it’s because of the “concentrated… uric acid.” It turns out that she made a friend of a ring-necked snake which is quite common in Georgia. Apart from making smelly poop and pee, they are completely harmless to humans. Usually, they enjoy lurking around the garden at night in search of slugs and crickets. That’s why people seldom see them.

Emma Johnstone Made A New Friend But Ended Up With Poop On Her
Credit: Emma Lee Johnston | Instagram

Right now, Emma Johnston might regret that she made a friend of the snake her dad found. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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